Here’s a quote from our Facebook discussion earlier in the week:

“I have found myself frequently in that type of situation, usually a belief was made before I had made any efforts to achieve the goal, and were based on pre-conceived ideas, causing me to doubt success, even before I tried. It was as if I was convincing myself there would be failure…”


Let’s consider: is my belief a belief because it’s fact? or is it because of a perception that I have due to my past, therefore my beliefs have to be malleable?


The great thing is that we are not alone! Sometimes it’s other people’s belief in us that will bring us to our own faith for achievement.


Everyone works differently. Find what your challenge is and figure out what will work for you to overcome that challenge and make your goals.

  • Ask yourself the hard questions: what do you believe about your business, your health, your family, any challenge that you are facing. Just write down your thoughts, your beliefs.
  • You have to identify your beliefs, what are you telling yourself?


Moving towards any goal takes:

  1. Commitment, whether we have doubts or not
  2. Getting support from other people
  3. Time and perseverance



The bottom line is that people need people: Many times we gather inspiration from learning and growing from other people. Surround yourself with people who have succeeded in what you’re trying to do or can help you do what you want to do.

Show Transcription

[00:00] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today my co host Michelle Prince and I, along with many of the Ziglar audience, grapple with this question I posted on Facebook, “Have you ever had a belief that you could NOT achieve something you desired, that you ultimately overcame and did achieve?”

[00:26] We received some vulnerable testimonials from people regarding work, military endeavors, athletic feats and the biggie, massive weight loss and life change. The topic came from one of Zig Ziglar’s famous presentations called, “flea training”. If you’ve heard it, you need to hear it again. If you haven’t, then here is a treat!

[03:22] So there you have it folks, flea training by Zig Ziglar. Again, we ask the same question: Have you ever had a belief that you could not achieve something you desired, that you ultimately overcame and did achieve? And now Michelle and I will bring out the questions from the audience that you resonate with and become incredibly inspired.

[03:50] Ok Michelle, so in unpacking this concept, the Ziglar’s flea training, I am giving the focus on believing our own beliefs. It’s a great comment on Facebook that really open the doors of concepts.

[04:08] Dave Posner: Hi Kevin. I have found myself frequently in that type of situation. Usually that belief was formed before I made any efforts to achieve the goal and were based on preconceived ideas causing me to doubt the success even before I tried. It was as if I was convincing myself there would be failure so why bother trying.

[04:49] I love this topic and it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Henry Ford and that is, whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right. And it is, as we put all of the limitations on ourselves, that the reality is not real limitation on our lives and it is really what we put on our mind, we put on ourselves. So it is getting clear on that are these legitimate limitations or it’s just my self talk is keeping me from accomplishing.

[06:32] In order to be really successful, you have to do is to sit around and think what do I believe, what do I believe about money, what do I believe about relationships, and about success, these are some of the things which continuously going through your mind because that’s really tell about who you are.

[09:20] Jeff Graham: Yes. I trained for Latoya; a single day 203-mile road ride from Logan, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. At 235 Lbs and as a former football player, cycling was not a natural sporting activity for me. I surrounded myself with riders much more capable than I. They were patient with me, often waiting on various hill climbs while I struggled. I entered the 2017 Latoya race and finished the 203 mile ride. When I first road my road bike, there was NO WAY, I could have imagined finishing such a grueling and terrifying ride.

[11:00] That’s huge, I mean that is something that you are gonna be able to do something. I also heard that it is a power of other people’s belief in you. Sometimes somebody believes more that you can in yourself. That is why it is important to see your mentors, your colleagues, your friends. Sometimes people can say something that you are not gonna see in yourself and sometimes we need rely of believe of someone else than we have our own.

[12:33] Justin Hughes The most vivid memory related to that was Marine Corps boot camp. In fact, my belief that I wasn’t cut out for the Marines was so strong that I tried to quit multiple times. Eventually, I staged a sit down protest. Had it not been for the stern compassion of the Drill Instructors and having them call my father, I might have succeeded. But the combination of their insistence that I needed to finish for my own sake and my father’s wisdom in not condoning it and forcing me to out this trial in perspective of the rest of my life changed my mindset.
I didn’t know it at the time, but that was the first instance of changing my self-talk for the positive. And while it would take many more years before I could believe in my abilities, that was the first milestone.

[14:17] There is great book with title, ‘Feel the Fear and do it anyway’, which is exactly what you are saying. And that’s so true, you know whatever in life we have to do the things for the very first time, it is not necessary we know how to do it. But we can believe that we can do it. If you can not overcome your fear, that’s when you recruit other people, that’s when you join organizations. Whatever it takes, whether you can do it by yourself or find someone else to help you with that.

[15:17] Steve Rosen Retiring from the Army. Four years later, I still can’t believe I made it! As someone in their 20s, doing a 20 year in the Army seemed insurmountable. Eventually I realized that I could do it, one day at a time. Kevin Miller anything you did, pursued, to bolster you to do that one day at a time? Steve Rosen Kevin – Not really. I tend to tackle projects randomly and work in spurts. However, I’m working on doing little stuff daily vs. big chunks at once.

[16:53] What is the challenge, what is holding you back? I am a student of personal development, I have been a whole life, but yet there was a time when I was lacking in either belief in myself, or in business, even haven’t clarity on my goals, and this is the reason why I am such a believe in going to live events, and filling your minds. That make my mind like wait a minute if they can do this, even I can do this. And that really helps me to believe in what I am doing. And I know myself, if I didn’t do that, I will just stay in my little office and home, and I will never go out and reach out to other people and I go backwards. So whatever it is knowing what holding you back is really really important.

[23:19] Marvin Penick On my 48th Birthday I was 130 pounds overweight and could hardly walk a mile. I know this is early but I’ve dropped 70 lbs and planning to walk/run a 1/2 marathon on Dec 1st. I’ll be 49 on the 20th of December. I listened to “the 4 Disciplines of Execution” (Chris McChesney of Franklin/Covey) and decided to break my huge goal into a series of tiny lead measure ones. That day I did one push-up and walked one mile. Honestly I’ve simply been trying to increase my exercise and better my eating a tiny bit each week.

[24:14] So the promise of this is that’s exactly what Zig said. He said that he will go out for running and instead of like I am gonna run 2 miles, it was more measured on the mail boxes. So today I am gonna run to this mail box. And then tomorrow I am gonna run to this mail box plus one. And next day, that mail box plus one. And so on. This is the really easy way to go in the direction towards your goals or targets without any pressure.

[25:01] Heath Smith My story is very similar to Marvin’s. In 2005 I was 25 years old and at my all-time heaviest weight of 463.5lbs. After a kind gesture from the CEO and a VP at the company I was working at, I enrolled in a weight loss program. I stuck to the plan for 2 years and dropped 250lbs. My life has forever been changed and I’m driven to influence others to be greater than yesterday. Kevin to Heath: Just tremendous Heath. So do you give a decent amount of credit to that those people at the company who risked saying something? Heath to Kevin: Absolutely. It was such an awkward position for me to be in. I was leaving for my first business trip and my company booked 2 seats for me. The message to me though was that they saw value in me as a person and employee. They believed I’d have further growth there and wanted me to be healthy. It’s not always easy having what could be a tough or sensitive conversation with somebody but the benefits of doing so far outweigh the awkwardness or hurt feelings.

[26:15] It is so much inspirational for everyone who is listening.

[28:24] It is depending on where you want some support, if any industry special, there are always people out there. There are mentors and coaches and also group of business owners, find a group of mom if you are struggling with growing kids, but just knowing that there are other people out there in the similar journey, it moves mountains.

 [33:38] Hey friends, did the comments get you thinking of some of your own endeavours and desires? It did for me…and even more so…my beliefs. If it got you thinking, that is a gift. Let us know by leaving an iTunes review! Coming up next in show 507, we have a business legend. Ever see ABC’s show, Shark Tank? The very first season’s cast of rock star panellists included a guy famous for literally inventing the infomercial – Kevin Harrington. One of the more successful and prolific business people of all time. We had an amazing conversation on business and achievement in today’s marketplace. You’ll hear why Kevin credits Zig Ziglar’s book “Secrets of Closing the Sale” as a primary tool that spawned his success. Why businesses need investment and capital now more than they used to, how audiences have shorter attention spans and want authenticity, why he considers us to be in a “gig economy” and an “idea economy”, how instead of employing people he outsources much more these days and he wants to be known as the guy who helps others build their businesses. Till then, thanks for letting me walk with you…as we inspire our true performance together!