Tim Sanders healthy habits and challenges:

How to look half your age like Tim Sanders!

  • Get your sleep!
  • Don’t be in front of a screen within an hour of going to sleep
  • Drink warm lemon water, first thing in the morning
  • Physical exercise
  • Be aware of what you put in your mouth

Family life:

For marital life, be each other’s biggest fan.


Feed your mind good stuff. “You should be as careful about what you put into your mind as what you put into your mouth,”

“The first forty-five minutes of your waking life determines the rest of your life, it tells your subconscious whether you’re ahead or behind, whether you’re hopeful, whether you’re afraid.”


Live within your means, and live through a cash economy, not credit.


Invest in your conversations with God. Share your spiritual life with other people.


Make sure you know what kind of business you want to pursue, and always, always keep improving your resume.


“Sometimes you just got to treat yo self!” – Parks & Recreation