The question, “What problem do you help solve? If you have a business, product, service, message, what problem does it solve for an end user or recipient?” We posted this question on show host Kevin Miller’s Facebook page – agentkmiller – and received incredible responses. The question came from our interviews with Don Miller in show 498 where we discussed his book, ‘Story Brand’ – Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen. He took us through the structure our business message should follow – “A CHARACTER who wants something encounters a PROBLEM before they can get it. At the peak of their despair, a GUIDE steps into their lives gives them a PLAN, and CALLS THEM TO ACTION. That action helps them avoid FAILURE and ends in a SUCCESS.” If you have a biz, product or service or hope to, I guaranteed you’ll get wise direction from this show. Thanks to Ziglar Family’s ‘7 Day Challenge’ 7daychallenge.comand EZ Metrics for supporting this show.

Show Transcription

[00:05] Welcome to the Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today my co-host Michelle Prince and I talk through listener comments to this question that I posted on my agentkmiller Facebook page: “What problem do you help solve?” If you have a business, product, service, message…what problem does it solve for an end user or recipient?

[00:35] The question came from our interviews with Don Miller in show 498 and 499 where we discussed his book, Story Brand – Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen. What it leads you through the entire book, getting your message concise and correct and exact to the target person by going through this structure right here: “A CHARACTER who wants something encounters a PROBLEM before they can get it. At the peak of their despair, a GUIDE steps into their lives, gives them a PLAN, and CALLS THEM TO ACTION. That action helps them avoid FAILURE and ends in a SUCCESS.”

[02:00] I have a great list of people and their businesses to talk through, if you have a business, product or service…or hope to, I guaranteed you’ll get great wisdom direction from this show. Alright then, we will dive in to that.

[02:14] Alright Michelle, good to be with you, back from all of the travel, speaking and presenting, so we gonna start from asking you, we have been talking about the book bound by the sea, your event for those who want to write a book and ask you to answer that question: “What problem do you have to solve problem?”

[02:37] I help solve the problem who have the story, who wanna solve the problem, who has the story, they don’t know where to start, where to stop. So I help them to look at their head and take out the story and put the story into paper. So more importantly take the story out and make a difference.

[03:34] Tim Winders says: I help people and organisations that are stuck get unstuck. Alright Michelle, what are your thoughts?

 [03:43] Awesome, whatever they are stuck in, that will be my first question.

[05:08] Ashley Logsdon says: I help families shift from reaction to intention in their homes, and not wait for one day to enjoy it all.

[05:27] That’s very specific, it is for families, the kids who have a lot going on. And I want to understand a little bit, you know to achieve what? What is that in the result, may be it is to enjoy all. I wonder if we could be a little more specific on that.

[06:10] Gregory Byerline: I elevate and celebrate femininity through the most important portraits of a woman’s lifetime. What do you think about it?

[07:05] I am not 100% sure but I love that we are doing this. I feel like with everything that we do, we get so caught up in our own little language, that we assume everyone is using the same words for everything. And portrait is obviously a portrait but it could also be a portraits of someone’s life.

[08:10] Wendy Carolyn: I help start-up soloprenuers, stay laser focused as their business coach. I solve their confusion problem, bringing clarity to their thoughts and laying out an action plan.

[08:33] Pretty good and I get exactly what it is being an entrepreneur and bringing clarity. There is some thing in marketing that I was once told is that you don’t want to necessarily…nobody wants to admit they have a problem. I mean like I don’t know that I would raise my hand and say I had a confusion problem. So may be making it more about the benefit they get versus what…. it’s a fine line, you have to define a problem and so I think getting clarity for an entrepreneur is definitely a problem.

[10:04] So I’m gonna admit this it happens a lot as we are getting these from a lot of folks that I know, that I have some prior knowledge of them, when you say business coach that carries a lot of weight that you have got a back up with a lot of credibility. So you are going to be able to do that Wendy, knowing you that’s going to be, may be a little bit of an effort there. But I know you can also get around that by not using the word coach, you can be a manager and a guide in a certain area.

 [11:32] Matthew Miller: My artwork enables endurance athletes to meaningfully celebrate their accomplishment by motivating them to do more of it. Well it is interesting because Gregory Barling who we just talked about said oh my gosh you have me at artwork and endurance athletes. I do like those you know usually put those things together and this guy, I went and looked at it, he’s actually in Denver which is it makes him a neighbor of mine. And he does portraits sports art and he does a lot of it, live at the events. It’s I went and looked at it, that’s my history is cycling and duathlon whatever so he does a lot of triathlon stuff and it really is Michelle. I went and looked at it and it was for it so for somebody like me it was real I thought I was some of that art, it is like image you want to be associated with, also it is symbol of what you are devoted with. What’s your thoughts are Michelle?

[12:56] And why it peaked my curiosity because I didn’t plan or stand what it was, so was he selling this to the athlete, to give like a photography session suit to pull, you know that’s kind of what I was, that’s what I was wondering but now that you explained it more I’m wondering if he was his buyer, is it someone that is not necessarily that athlete that he took the photo up but somebody that is wanting something to hang their walls to motivate them.

[16:34] Marvin Penick says I am a coach and he wrote that I guide great people through the stuck places in life, love and leadership. What do you think about it?

[16:46] Well you know a great people I would substitute great for something that is specific. Let’s go with you know with what people who are stressed people or who are high profile people or what kind of people we’re talking about, you know executives, leaders; through the stuck places in life, love and leadership and this is in Marvin I’m not talking about you at all, I’m talking to all. As consultants, counsellors especially coaches the top of the list, when it’s a tricky place to be and when you know that you can help guide people and you want to say yeah I can help you in your life, in your love, in your leadership, maybe you can people just don’t believe it much anymore. We were so specific they want to find somebody who’s not only able to help in love, let’s take relationships not from up in a romantic relationship in a sense, they’re even just saying that one thing is still I believe my experience it’s still too broad. They want to find somebody who is saying I help people in romantic relationships, who are coming out of recovering from divorce or who are late in life single or who are yet if we can come up with those specifics.

[21:57] Michelle, could you help anyone with a publishing desire, book writing desire, help them to write a book. You can help anyone, literally but you have positioned yourself more so in the business for us, that is brilliant, not focus on your business but having your spotlight is brilliant.

[22:28] It kind of, it broadens a little bit, yes your book is your business card so anyone in business especially a small business owner entrepreneur means easiest way to differentiate yourself from your competition and then also kind of broaden it. Because it’s really goes beyond that, it’s really people that want to make a difference, so you don’t necessarily have to have your own business but you do have the fact that you are about to own your own brand.

[26:19] Juliet Duggar: empower the problem she solves, empowering women with tools to reclaim their feminine heart and rewrite their story to live wild and free then navigating the new waters of restoring together from beggar to beloved daughter. So let me add on she qualifies it then with she’s an executive life coach and mentor to women in leadership and positions of influence who have suppressed trauma of abuse and betrayal.

[26:54] That’s what it should say, I don’t get all that and again you know in marketing you don’t want to put words in people’s notes and I may not raise my hand saying I’m a beggar. And I want to be a beloved daughter but what you said in that second part, I think that is the more accurate description because the part before, I like the empowering women part but in there when she said empowering you know women in leadership who have been through and even more specifically what kind of betrayal that, is that relationship betrayal, is at a business associate, at the trail could be any betrayal but that gets more specific whereas the other part sounds good but it doesn’t make me raise my hand or put it down to say I don’t know if I am fit for you but that second part does go more clearly.

[35:53] Vanessa Stewart: I help women who are experiencing the pain of infidelity and divorce find healing and a hope for the future by rediscovering who they are.

[36:09] I think that’s very very clear that gets exactly to the person it’s a female who has been cheated on and because it is getting a divorce and I learn that when I get it it’s very clear, very target market, you’re not going to be the fit for everyone, but those who have gone through those two things you’re right on. That is really the key to a good branding too is you don’t want to be the fit for everyone, you want to be the fit for a very specific select group of people, so well done.

[41:11] Brett Trout: Most men have limited time to do what they want outdoors, in a place, it’s quite a place that can be alone yet makes them feel alive. Mountain man soap exist to capture the manly sense we love in the outdoors so we can feel alive in the only other place we have is quite, where we can be alone.

[41:51] Well I’m not a man who likes outdoors, I’m not his target market. I think it could maybe just shorten in my mind I’m picturing you’re going to be taking when you when I even heard mountain man, I thought about retreats or I mean exhibition. So I thought you would be taking the person outdoors. But it’s kind of catchy the whole and we can’t be outdoors you can be indoors many short in that first part a little bit but, it didn’t grab me as much because again I’m not his target market.

[47:00] Michelle great as great doing this with you because you’ve got such a long history in this, in your own businesses and helping other people, my gosh book titles I mean in tag lines and more needy for this message than that, so what or what a bless, thank you.

 [47:22] Hey Listeners I’m eager to hear how you apply the strategies we’ve been talking about here to your business product service and message. If you get value here please give us a thank, by leaving a review in iTunes, it benefits us greatly.