From the moment you wake in the morning you are choosing how you will wire your brain for success, by choosing what you will listen to. Join me, Kevin Miller and Randy James, MD, as we dig into the massive power of our daily and continual external and internal messages. Your very thoughts are literally a voice and do the most benefit and damage. Then the external audio input throughout your day is dramatic as well, and can do much to enhance the good and bad of the internal dialogue. When are you not actively having a thought or bringing in audio sensory input? Never. The real question however is, how much of it are you controlling and being deliberate about? Have you ever seen a food bank, where people donate any sort of food? Would you choose to eat whatever was dropped off? From year old raman to pickled pigs feet to mac and cheese to spam? Probably not. But are you allowing your audio input to be a veritable listening bank? Overhearing news of doom and bloom, office gossip, criticism from a family member and more. And again, even more importantly, what is your internal audio? The voices in your head? Decade old messages from parents and authority figures, siblings and friends, coaches and teachers, that have all had massive influence over what is often now, simply YOUR voice. Is your voice speaking encouragement to you? Saying, “Hey, it’s ok! You can do it! You are worthy and able. You’re a good person.” Or is it berating you? Cursing you out for mistakes and irritations and frustrations? This is big medicine folks.