Can we be and do anything we want to do and become?

The power of belief is different than just wishing things are going to happen, there is work that comes with it, and it has to be in alignment with your passion, your purpose, and what you were created to do.

There are two ends of the spectrum:

– We have natural abilities and talents, and sometimes when we try to be anything than what we were designed to be, then that’s where it goes afoul.

– However, even with the passions that we have, we limit ourselves by thinking we know the limit of what we are capable of doing. In consequence, we are not capable because we don’t believe we are. You have to be open minded to the fact that you can achieve more than you think.

-For either side of the spectrum, honestly with most things in life, if you are willing to put in the work and find the resources and the people that can help you, chances are you’ll be successful.

The key is that we are a part of a bigger story:

Who are you? Whose are you? What are you here to do? What are your passions? What is your purpose?

We can trust the desires that our Creator has put in our heart. If you do know who you are, you are aligned with your calling, and you have a passion in your heart to do something- you can do that thing. Do not let those internal and external impediments control your abilities.

Show Transcription

[00:00] Welcome to the Ziglar show where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and in today’s show I posted this question on my Facebook page. We can do and become anything we want to do and become, do you agree? The direct answer was almost unanimous but the perspectives varied greatly I feel there were three main takeaways.

[00:31] Alright Michelle, well this is one of those quotes that we always hear always have heard in the personal development world, that we can do and become anything we want to do and become. And honestly I heard this recently from a guy I respect tremendously. He’s a guy, not even get his name but he’s a big name out there and he’s doing credible things and he said that in his you know, impassionate desire for people and he’s living that out in a lot of ways. But of course the reason we put it out there is we know that there are some different thoughts on that, but I mean my gosh even to your standpoint you spend a significant amount of time up on stage inspiring people motivating them to action, and there is I think always a little bit of that of trying to get people to overcome a hurdle and saying there is no hurdles, you can do anything. Isn’t there?

[01:25] Well that however says there’s no hurdles it’s never been out there in the race because there’s hurdles at every pass. You know it’s funny one of the talks I get by it is specifically on procrastination and time management, but I go through these myths. What keeps us from being truly truly successful and one of the mess that I talk about is this myth, that if you just believe that you’re going to have what you want or you just believe you’re going to everything will just come to its place. But there is a but it’s not just believing and hoping in wish and that and praying that it’s going to happen there there does require work with it. And it doesn’t have to be in alignment with your passions, your experiences, your capabilities, and your brother. So it’s not as simple as oh I can do it or I believe it and it happens, there are some parameters around it.

[02:25] You just hit some significant points there, so let’s hear I want to read I want to go through some of the comments that we got on Facebook that will bring us right back to some of what you said.

[02:34] Mike Sutherland: I grew pieced together Admittedly my silence as bad as I may ever want to be, this 5’7, 48 year old man will never play in the N.B.A., real quick after David says well if your dream is to be in the N.B.A. and you’re 5’4 and you can’t jump, it ain’t going to happen. And then Tim Winter says I do think that the human will can achieve an accomplish great things but for someone as a someone wrote above just because I really want to be an N.B.A. player, I’m hindered by only being five eleven I can barely touch the rim.

[03:06] Now I got to admit my first thought went back to my childhood guiding Muggsy Bogues and he is 5’3 and he was in the N.B.A. because the guy could jump you know three times as high. He was unbelievable so I think you know on one hand sure we can often come up with those anomalies like that, but yeah in general I think that’s a great way to tip off the discussion on can you do anything you want to do and become and we’re going to get some other more specific I think analogies, but yeah it is difficult. We do have, well I don’t know so we so we say there are some we do have some limitations, we do have some boundaries.

[03:48] And I think if we look at it as everyone has yes, we’re all warm very unique and specific gifts. And just because your gift you know might be one thing, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure at this other thing that’s not your gift. It just means that you’re better suited for something else. And in fact the example that I remember getting years and years ago was he would tell a story going the opposite of what you just said, and the N.B.A. player craziness, how he would be if an N.B.A. player decides he wanted to become a horse jockey. It is just not going to happen. So he is in you know playing basketball being tall. So I feel like the message here is finding your gifts and you realize if you don’t try to be something that you’re not, don’t try to be more or less than what God created you to be you know now that there are just some situations where it’s just not gonna happen.

[04:41] All right Michel you opened up the god door here. So I’ll just let the Ralph McClellan dive right in there because he wrote I heard these words from an early age, the words if you can do anything, be anything it’s just not a truth and it’s cause a lot of pain and grief in my life. The concept sounds good and seems to be passed down from generation to generation for me a truer statement would be I can do anything Father God has designed me to do, much as you just said Michel. Search for the true self of who God is designed to be embrace how God sees you instead of how the world sees you, or how you see yourself. That’s what he has brought true happiness to me and I’ve got to admit we got a lot of comments back to that, it’s all up I’ll pose a question because it made me think of this Michel, that in essence if we were you know what I’m going to read one more and tie it into then ask you a question.

[05:39] Ok because of a lot of people like this Jason Gary, he says it reminds me of a book I used to read to my boys about a young last Beaver who was taken in by a family of squirrels. Try that he might he couldn’t scurry up trees or carry acorns in his cheek like his new bushy tailed friends. He lacked the ability and the desire but he could fell trees and build a mazing structures with his teeth his teeth and tail, and this is the key Mama and Papa squirrel didn’t try to force him to be a clumsy squirrel they encouraged him to follow his desires and he uses his unique gifts and talents. By doing that the beaver community noticed him and soon he was reunited with his family in the end. The book is littered for the folks would a bunch people on there say what that book I want to get that and so the book is ‘Beaver gets lost’ and it’s apparently the series is little animal adventures. I thought that it was great, there’s actually a quote by somebody famous and I literally just forgot to look it up before the show but it was something to that it was an Einstein or something that we spent so much time. It’s not that people out there are brilliant but we teach a lot of ducks to try to climb trees and a lot of you know monkeys to swim and we try to do that instead of this and I think that’s a lot of what we’re coming back with. So my question based on both of those that in essence for would we truly desire would the desire of our heart, and it’s really hard for me not to say the God given desire of our heart would it be contrary to our gifts and abilities part one, and the part two and would we say if that what was that, the beaver in the story there, if the beaver really wanted to be a squirrel in essence it would probably be a little unhealthy for him to want to be other than what he is. I don’t know what your thoughts on that Michel.

[07:37] Well for sure we have to find you know come into a place where we’re comfortable with who we are well how are created. But then there’s the other side of that too sometimes and especially I don’t know that you can but I know in my life I’m gone down paths that I never would have believed I could have gone down, based on what how I saw myself. So sometimes yes you know you have to be open minded to the fact that you know maybe there is more in you than you think and maybe you really can be a lot more than your believe in yourself to be capable. So if that’s fine line as parents, as friends, as encourager others to say you can do it. Try harder you know work harder to give your best because there are situations where you know what it just might work. But then there are other situations too or maybe physical limitations, mental limitations and all kinds of limitations but in a way that you don’t know until you try. So this quote is tough for me because it is that fine line I do believe you have to be in line with your guests in line with who your gifts and you know who you are and have back clarity in that, but I also think sometimes you just have to try and if you fail as we talked about before it’s not failure, it’s just learning.

[08:53] Yes man I completely agree. You know I’ll follow that right away with one from Archie Wayne Ham, who is a guy he’s a dear person and he is an encourager of encouragers, so Archie thanks for posting here. He says you and I can become anything we want as long as it is in our Heavenly Father’s plan for our lives and then he adds on the disk he’s talking about the disk profile and or mild Myers Briggs can play a huge role in the evaluation of who we are and what our mission in life is to. And I was grateful for pointing that out that yeah there are things that we can do folks If you are listening and haven’t if you haven’t done these things like a disk profile or a Myers Briggs or there’s other ones to really understand the innate skills abilities tendencies bents that you have, please do those there are very strong. And that is what brings us back to I think a flavor that came out is coming out in this discussion in these comments that were brought in, if we take that you could do anything you wanted to do or be anything you want to be to something that we literally are very ill equipped to do, that’s where it runs a foul. But I think on the personal development side Michele that we tend to fall on the side of OK yeah you need to figure out what you’re what you’re skilled at what your abilities are what your talents and gifts are but even those who do that we as humans have an innate propensity to limiting ourselves. What do you think?

[11:08] Well why not if one person can get it why can’t the other. It really bulls and how much do you know will you’re willing to put it how much hard work you want to put toward something, you know it’s I think it’s dangerous to try to fix it, have it in your mind that you know what you’re capable of doing when a lot of times we’re not capable because we don’t believe we are. I’ll use myself as the example if you would have said to me twenty years ago not only I was a bestselling author but that I was a publisher and I helped other people bring their books right I would laugh at you because I was the least likely. I did not make a great school, I was terrible at English, I was a terrible speller you know writer. So I’m sharing that to say that if I would have held on to that belief I would not be where I am today. So sometimes it’s yes it’s looking at what they were. Reality is ok somebody who doesn’t do well in school could they possibly be a writer. Well maybe on paper it looks like they can’t but when you’re willing to put in the work. You know most people that are successful are successful not because they have some superhuman abilities because they’re willing to put in a little bit of extra effort beyond the next person or they’re willing to have a little bit more faith or little bit more persistence.

[13:55] I think again as we look at this we’re talking about first understanding our own bent, and if there is something that you truly desire, I’d say a great question start with this why and do you really if my dad had been a famous and wealthy accountant and I went after and wanted that lifestyle that’s what I want to do. I would’ve had a very hard time doing that because numbers just don’t make sense to me. I’m a words guy and I would have hoped somebody would come along say gosh is that really what you want and why and I would have said that’s what I grew up with that’s what I know he did well and he loves it whatever that happened is that fits you. So we’ve all got to do that but I do want to come back to something you said about writing specifically in a book scenario yesterday it’s not a published for when folks here this is going to be about two weeks away or so but we interview Tim Sanders. He is the renowned author of the book ‘Love is the killer app’ that was his first of I think now six books of the guy’s a best selling author present or speaker a celebrity his own right. And it was really interesting Michel you’ll appreciate this that when he first started writing the book, he was initially sought after to write a book as he was a speaker and presenter and done some big things, so they wanted him to write a book is a great speaker and he starts right now book and real quick they said oh man this distrust isn’t that good, your writing style is not your speaking style. And so what they did is they partnered him up with a good writer who just took his his audio, took his verbal messages and crafted them into a book that even surprised him. He loved it and that was great so there’s a guy that has an excuse not to write a book but he has a desire to get a message out and he gets help. So I love the story and I’m going to shamelessly use that to promote that people get involved with you Michel with your book bound by the sea event, I talked about it in LA I last week in one of the shows too, and it’s just when this comes up so often people who want to write a book but they don’t have an idea where to start or they want to write a book and they have too many ideas don’t know which one the pick or they want to figure out how to just take the fact that they have a message or they have an expertise that they want to impart to people and they think book writing would be a great vehicle which it would, but but but but and we’ve got these you know real and perceived obstacles just like we’re talking about here today.

[16:40] So you have the entire outline of the book. The chapters, the subchapters, the stories and the subchapters, everything that’s you know floating around in your head is ideas, it all comes out in a logical format on paper and that’s usually the hardest part. Some people have an idea of what they want to write about it, really they don’t know where to get started, they don’t know how to organize it, so organizing those ideas is one of the first things that we do they want a workshop.

[17:04] Well that to me was the kind of like it’s worth the price of admission, if I can just come there and not only motivates inspires me gets me connected with other people gets me the guidance from you but it’s going to help me finally do the work to get my thoughts down there and get the concept down, get the chapters down, and be ready to put the finishing touches on.

[18:17] Well a couple more here, this was interesting Scott priestly. He said no desire is not enough. Self limiting beliefs aside him saying that there are intrinsically external forces that often introduce enough impediment that our desires are not achievable or that they are achievable if you’re willing to sacrifice things you shouldn’t, family, physical, health, mental health, parenting etc, the concept of if you believe that you can achieve it, was introduced to counter the negative self limiting beliefs that many of us have now. I feel like your kind of had a couple things there because right off the bat when he says there intrinsically external forces that often introduce enough impediment that our desires are not achievable. Now we’re back into some of the personal development world here and I struggle with that statement Michel.

[19:35] You know it’s one of those things where it’s goes back to faith, you know sometimes we think we know what is the best and then we want something. You know that old Garth Brook songs back in the nineties and I think God for unanswered prayers, because sometimes we do have a desire we do believe that we should you know have this business or bad relationship or you know I should be able to do this or have this much money and the circumstances of life change that, but I just happen to believe that it’s all part of a grand plan. Where I think it’s tragic when you’re not clear on who you are, what you’re here to do, what your passions are, what your purpose is that’s when you can start setting goals based around things that likely won’t happen. But if you’re in tune in line with what you know your gifts are, in your purpose, the chances are you will be more successful.

[20:33] Absolutely I do think that is a key takeaway that we’re coming to in this, that in understanding you who you are and your strengths, and your skills, and abilities, your talents, and your gifts, dreams and then also I got to give a call out to my friend Gary Barkalow. He wrote a book called ‘It’s your call’ and it’s about your calling and the most impacting thing about my friendship with him and and what he wrote in that book is his belief that in our pursuit of God and in our are seeking of him that we can trust the desires he puts in our hearts. So that’s a health, so also that’s a place of health. So in that place of health that there’s a desire in your heart that you can you know who you are then yeah I do that’s where I can come in line with the statement of yeah you can do that thing. That comes out of anything and everything globally but you can do that thing and that is the heart of Zig Ziglar personal development is saying that thing you can do, you don’t let those impediments that are external or even internal.

[22:26] This is my son my oldest son Caleb. He is 22 years old and he spent a large portion of his life behind hospital doors. He had epilepsy and had some significant things and today he is a new man, a thriving 22 years old young man, who I’m so proud of. So he says and I’ll tell you he grew up with these aspects of being God’s will and looking for God’s will and trust in his of your heart and also understanding who you are. So with that preface said here’s his statement, he says there are always physical, mental and emotional barriers and off at that and he knows he knows those well. He says I believe I can do and be anything I want because I have the free will to do so just like the Scripture. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I believe that but I may have to work really hard in multiple ways in order to do or be whatever it is I want unless it’s something not physiologically possible for me like to give birth or grow wings. I believe I am capable if I have the motivation, the resources, the resolve, the dedication, and the perseverance, all those things more than make up my own will which I can do anything with though I always pray that my will is hopefully in line with God’s will because when it comes down to it I hope for and strive to have nothing in my will that is not in line with God’s Will. First off course as a father I’m really proud to hear that but I do love him, so I am going to ask you Michelle, when you hear those it was a five things motivation, resources, result, dedication, and perseverance out of that’s five things out of those first thing that struck me is four of those I feel like as a human, I’m not in a say as Kevin just humanity be in a base creature that for those I have more control over motivation, resolve, dedication and perseverance. And that’s what we’re generally talking to in personal development I think that’s the essence of most of Zig’s books and such that resources when it’s interesting he puts in there because that went to me well I don’t know what do you think Michelle.

[24:55] Well first of all I think he absolutely nailed it and you should be very proud of your son. What sounds like just what an extraordinary young man so well done. But to your point though you’re right because there are people that may or may not have the same you know we’re all different we’re on different places in life and sometimes those resources aren’t there. Now can they can they develop, absolutely but there are some some real situations where if you don’t have the funds or you don’t have the connections or whatever then it’s going to make it a lot more difficult, I love that he added that to it.

[25:48] I’m going to end with one here and I’ll name drop a little bit, this is Ryan Dollops. A neat guy who I got to have lunch with months back but if you don’t know who Ryan Dobson is he’s James Dobson son. Neat guy a relative neighbor here with me in Colorado. So here’s a guy who has big audiences, he has walked out or walked with in this concept in this issue a lot. So I was curious to hear him say and I think it’s a good one for us to to end on Michel. He says I hear this all the time and know just no, you cannot do anything you want to do You can’t grow gills and breathe underwater nor wings and fly. What you can do is whatever God has for you, if you trust him enough to go beyond what you believe to be possible. I don’t know if there can be a more Ziglar a statement than that Michel what do you think.

[26:45] Absolutely like it’s one hundred percent faith that you know how he ability to do it if he’s willing.

[26:55] Yeah and I’ll bring up something that somebody said to me that’s always resonated and this is a very faith basis, would God call you to anything that did not require him. My first thought was well no because then I don’t need him and that doesn’t line up with the biblical perception or that I’ve been given of who my God is. So if you have something you feel called to do if you have a vision, if you have a desire, it should look overwhelming, it should feel like too much, it should require more than what you have to give in and of yourself, which calls us to rely on our Heavenly Father and I think just as much the people that he puts in our lives like you Michel for want to write a book.

[27:44] A great feedback folks thanks so much just for the honest and open thoughts and Michelle always such a gift to counter back and forth on perspectives on these issues with you.