Key Takeaways:

  • Failure is a part of life that no one is exempt from. How do we take a failure and move past it to achieve something far greater?

  • Failure: It’s going to overcome us or we are going to overcome it. Empower yourself by believing that our failures, especially through a career, are a circumstance, an event. You are not a failure!

  • Failure is not final. We look at failure as a change in direction, not an end to the goal.

  • Let your challenges fuel your ambition! Fail forward!

  • There is redemption for every failure.

  • To every end, there is a new beginning. It’s your job to take advantage of what is set before you.

  • Remember that passion is the reason why we set out to achieve the goals we have. Our passion doesn’t change when challenges force us to change our course of achievement.

Comments from the show:

Comment: Those personal challenges, they don’t define me. If anything, I can learn from them and they can become part of who I am now, and I can use them for good in some way.

Comment: If we were a success in everything, there would almost be no incentive to keep trying.

Comment: I did not quit, I analyzed my shortcomings and adjusted.

Comment: You may not get it right the first time, or the second time, but there’s something in that process, some lesson learned.

Comment: When you have passion you’re going to find a way to make it work.

Comment: Now, what you do with that, and how you change your life and the new perspective you take away from that, is really where the success in this is.

Comment: Failure: it’s going to overcome us or we’re going to overcome it.

Comment: Would God ever call us to something that did not require Him?

Show Transciption

[00:00] Welcome to the Ziglar Show. I’m your host, Kevin Miller, and today’s ZigBomb comes from our guest in the last two shows, Chris Guillibeau. We asked him for his favorite Zig quote and value.

[01:16] That quote comes from a longer quote of Zig’s, “Failure is an event, not a person. Yesterday ended last night. Today is a brand new day…and it’s yours.”~ Zig Ziglar. So we took that quote and Michelle Prince, in a recent Facebook Live talk, asked the listeners this question: “Who of you listening have had a failure in your life that led to something great?”

[01:54] There were over 800 comments during her talk, and we pulled a handful to discuss in today’s show. If you find value here, folks, please leave a rating and review in iTunes — and I’ll ask for a specific mention. Some listener left a review calling Tom Ziglar a white supremacist. No joke. Go to iTunes and hit reviews and most recent. So anyone who wants to, come to Tom’s rescue and testify to one of the most quality men and leaders I’ve ever met. We can’t remove the review, but you can check “no,” that the review wasn’t helpful.

[03:31] OK, here is Michelle Prince and me answering listener comments about overcoming failure.

[03:42] Michelle, as I was thinking about the question…I was thinking about my own story and a failure that led to something bigger, and wanted to ask you. Though first…let me get your take on something. There is the school of thought that says, in essence, there is no failure, it’s just learning what doesn’t work on the way to what does. I have some differing thoughts, but first…your perspective?

[04:23] My take on this is that failure is a part of life. If we act like it is not, then it will be almost a lie. Nobody likes the feeling of the failure. I do think that it is the lessons that we learn. If we were successful everywhere, we would never learn to keep trying.

[06:43] Like I said, I have so many failures, I continue to have it on a daily basis. A failure, in my mind, is when I wanted to go to the college and then I got the letter saying, unfortunately, you didn’t get in. I was devastated. In all the ways you look at it, it was a failure. Then I was thinking what I was gonna do, and it was the change of the direction. I took admission in the local college and worked really hard to get the A grade every time. I would never have that ambition if I hadn’t failed that time.   

[08:35] Elvir Bazdarevic – I failed in trying to get my Life Insurance License, not once but two times. I did not quit. I analyzed my shortcomings, adjusted, and went to take my test. I passed my third time. You know, we had the show with Chris Guillibeaur, where we talked about adjusting the method, but not the goal. I loved this story, Michelle.

[09:55] Me too. I mean, how many people can relate to that? I mean, how many people can get out of it for the first time? You know, it just shows that you may not get it the first time, but sometimes — in the process he analyzed, what did he learn for the first time for now all that works much better for him?

[10:27] Micheal Slater · Good morning from north east Arkansas. I failed at being a musician, but I keep at it and still learn, just wish I was confident to play with a band, but I keep the dream alive at 60. I am questioning is that really a failure? What are your thoughts on that?

[11:09] Well, for me, playing in the band is not. Maybe it is a wrong goal, but he is still playing music — that is something tied up with your passion, and not so important. I mean, if you have something tied up with your passion, it may be not a right goal. If you are passionate about something, you may find out the way to fulfill it. It doesn’t mean you have to make it a full time career, but if you can give a day, hour, or week, it will give you joy and pleasure.

[12:39] David Finch · Marriage, during the divorce I came to realize I was a victim of abuse. I was set free from my abuser. Only then did I fully understand the life I was living. My life now is so much better! What are your thoughts Michelle?

[13:12] That is a tough one. Nobody wants to see this in a relationship, but, you know, there is always a reason behind everything. If you look, you will find a silver lining in almost everything. But I have some friends who get into such situations, but what they learn in that really dark time helps them to be in a right direction now.  

[14:11] Regrettable to have divorce,  but thank God for some redemption.

[15:30] Ime B Isua-Ikoh · I failed in the first year of my masters and was quite on the low, but in my second year of masters, I surpassed the expectations of my professors and was featured both at my university’s Facebook and website. I gotta Yoda in my mind, that do or do not, there is no such thing as try – Yoda. “I tried that” is not committing to doing.

[17:22] The joy and the accomplishment that come when we go ahead after failure is so life-changing. You know, like I failed many times, but I worked it out, I made it, I tried and I accomplished it. That is something we are talking about here. And it is really something of who we are, what we are, so it is a great way to achieve accomplishment.  

[19:56] Ken Jackson · I failed to win High Jump at my State High School Track Meet, and because I lost I couldn’t go on to college. I became a speaker and an entrepreneur, and wrote a book about turning points to help people get past obstacles. I’m GLAD I LOST!!! LOL

[20:26] That’s awesome. He is doing exactly what we are talking about. This is respond versus react. You know, you could look at that and react and get completely depressed and don’t even apply for a few years. Or, you can shift it like he did and do something with that. And make your life better because of it.

 [22:14] I feel like the word failure is so final, it is because something didn’t work so it is an end. It is just not that way in life. I mean, if we were a baby and we were learning to walk, we fell down once, twice, but do we give up? No. We just keep trying over and over again. Because we didn’t know the definition of the word failure yet. It is the process to get what you want, just keep trying. So I feel like if we can shift our mind and look at something that didn’t work, I had a little bit of pain from it, but I am gonna learn from that.

[26:12] Jay Arthur Prejean · I had a failure because of mismanaging money. It caused the loss of holdings, forced me to get sober and find balance. What hit me on that, Michelle, that I hadn’t really thought about before but now it is related to my own life, I wonder sometimes if failure is necessary to get on point. Especially when he is talking about getting sober.

[27:05] You addressed this lady in your Facebook Live. She is Barbie J. Holler, and she said that I failed at the AA program at FIRST and then I tried again!! #winning Does that count?? So both of these, we are talking about the addiction, we are talking about the aspect of failure.

[27:59] I absolutely think that is the truth. You know, we are designed to fail, we are not supposed to be perfect. And, truthfully, the more we try to pretend ourselves as perfect, the harder life will be. And I think we all want to be authentic. We feel so much internal pressure to be perfect.

[29:50] I like that “made for failure.” In humanity, the superpower is, again, not letting it overcome it, which goes back to Zig. We know this from the personal development point that pain is a bigger motivator than desire. Unfortunately, we respond to consequences and deadlines more so than we do a mature look towards health.

[32:25] Michelle, it’s always a gift for have you here. Thank you for doing this. Thanks for tuning in here, as we walk towards our true performance.