[00:00] Welcome to The Ziglar Show. I’m your host, Kevin Miller, and today we have episode 473 — and I bring you…Mr. Zig Ziglar. He comes with a fairly brief message that has one point: making a dramatic turn-around for the good when the circumstances are in the dump. He leads off with a personal story that hits the point home and leaves us fully empowered to radically change our prospects for success, right now, especially if you feel circumstances are set against you. Let’s first hear from Zig the quotes you need to hear 1,000 times to rewire your brain for success!

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[02:26] Hey, friends, you’ve heard me say plenty of times that I literally grew up hearing Zig Ziglar’s message. My dad had me read his books, listen to his audios, and attend his seminars. He exposed me to many of Zig’s peers, as well, but none stood out like Zig. Fast forward and I was honored to speak for Ziglar twice as an expert on self-employment and finding freedom in doing something you find great purpose in — and income! Then, the opportunity to join Ziglar in helping steer the brand, highlighted by reviving and revising and hosting this podcast, which has grown into a top business podcast on Planet Earth.

[03:40] Well, last week I spent the entire week with the Ziglar Team at headquarters in Dallas, TX. I participated in the Ziglar Legacy Certification. The Ziglar team and family, incredible high-level guest teachers and amazing attendees…it was profound. We were schooled in all of the Ziglar principles for success, and in how to lead others in them. We connected with each other, we were inspired beyond belief, and all ended up walking away seeing the world and ourselves in it…very differently.

[04:15] Honestly, I just felt charged to be a better human. A more righteous man. Responsible to do all I can to ensure I’m running on all cylinders, so I can then pour myself into others.

[04:29] I’ll be talking a lot about Ziglar Legacy Certification, folks, but the next one is September 11-15, 2017. Five days of having your life elevated, inspired, and equipped. Go to ziglarcertified.com.

[04:56] Ok, folks, you know that quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” It really brings into question what truly is…reality. Let’s hear from Zig and I’ll explain that statement more!

[05:20] Zig starts telling stories of salespeople.

[12:09] I’m going to take what Zig shared there and show you how the crux of his message is the crux of what you accept as reality. It’s a shift that will decide if you stay in the norm, or not. I’m serious, folks. It’s a simple shift, that is possibly the hardest to actually make. Which is why the masses stay just that…the masses. If you wanted to be normal, you would not be here. Stick with me for a few minutes, and I guarantee I’ll either massively empower you or I’ll cause you to accept that you do not want true, positive change in your life, and save you a lot of heartache and effort.

[15:49] Zig begins by telling us that at age 25 he was the youngest divisional supervisor in the 66-year history of the company he was with, a direct sales cookware business. Two quick things to point out: He went after that job because he needed the money. He didn’t set out to be a salesman or to be involved with cookware. But he did find a profession he liked: sales. We have to realize he had some inherent skills that helped him here, but day one, the company interviewed him and denied him. He persisted before they said yes. They didn’t know he was the great Zig Ziglar, because…he wasn’t! Not yet. He spent a couple years in that position, NOT being great. Not even close.

[16:44] I really want you to understand it, because this is where so many of his stories come from. He was like you and me. Maybe worse. When I started in business, I think I was a better beginning salesman than Zig was — though I had gotten teaching from my dad. Zig didn’t have a dad!

[17:02] But Zig was nothing special until…he believed he could be. That IS the core message he brings us, always, including today. He became the great Zig Ziglar because he started where we all did. Poorly skilled, poor perspective, his goal in life was to work for the little meat store in his itty bitty town and maybe one day own it and make $5k in a year like the current owner did.

[17:32] What changed? One man, PC Merrell, told him he was a great waste in his sales role, as he believed Zig could be great. That’s it. That’s where it began.

[17:44] One man, with constructive criticism, encouraged him. Step  1. Then step 2, Zig believed him and right away started being great. This is where Zig gets his perspective that what matters is what we believe about ourselves. His paradigm shifted, that’s it. And he went from one year being mediocre at best, to the next year being extraordinary. All that changed was his perspective, and when that changes, so does everything. So does…reality.

[18:19] Which brings us back to the story. Even though Zig had been succeeding in his job, he still came to a crisis. Circumstantially, everything went bad. Performance declined, business declined, and he found himself in jeopardy of losing his job.

[18:34] Then what happened? He read a book, The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, a book whose message was primary in my upbringing. I own an old version I’m proud to have.

[18:56] And, again…his paradigm changed. He went from acknowledging reality and feeling, believing, and acting accordingly, to still acknowledging reality, but NOT acting accordingly. At least not accordingly to the natural logic of our human brain.

[19:14] And that…is hard. It’s Herculean. And rare. That is what a guy like Zig gets the most credit for. Pursing help to a situation that was looking down instead of just accepting it, and he had his eyes open and saw the book. He read it with an open, seeking mind. And he accepted the message and decided to reenter the “reality,” but with a different mindset.

[19:42] No better skill, ability, heritage, lucky break…nothing. Just a willingness and commitment. Which is wonderful and terrible for all of us.

[19:57] It’s wonderfiul because it means we can turn our lives around in massive ways, immediately, not needing anything. Well, if you want to buy The Power of Positive Thinking, it’s $10 on Amazon, or get See You At The Top by Zig.

[20:21] But reading won’t do a thing unless you actually take it captive and make specific decisions of action based on it. But…wonderful news!

[20:31] Or it can feel terrible. We have to face hard work instead of letting the situation control things. We can’t blame anything but ourselves, and sometimes we just don’t want to do that. Easier to go with the flow.

[20:54] And that is what separates the superheros from the civilians, and keeps the superheroes so scarce.

[21:00] But the only reason you are listening today is you are, or you very much want to be, the rarity. The superhero. Who, again, gains hero status and success only by not going with the flow. Not accepting the norm.

[21:18] Zig quoted, “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle…what happens to you.”

[21:31] I’m speaking that quote, and over 50k people will hear it. And 50k will consciously agree. But only a small percentage will take it further and really grasp onto the enormity of it…and pull it into their subconscious, their actual belief, and from that…actually alter their actions. That’s why the personal development business makes billions. We like to hear the good truths, they tickle our hope and inspiration, but we, as a people, seldom swallow and digest the information. We use it like chewing gum and enjoy it while It tastes good for a little bit, then it loses its taste and is forgotten.

[22:16] But not you, right? You’re going to take this bait and swallow it, and be hooked on a new paradigm! Yes?!

[22:45] This brings us back to…what is reality? Or maybe…what does it matter? The reality is, a bunch of negative things happened in Zig’s business reality. But he did not act accordingly, and he created results that eclipsed what was happening when all the circumstances were positive!

[23:32] I have a friend who owns a high-end leather products company. Years ago, we went through a national recession. Many companies got hit by it. However, he didn’t care, and went forward with gusto. They had a banner year, increasing their gross sales by many millions of dollars. So while companies selling necessities accepted the recession and took their hits, my friend, selling a 100%, high-priced NON-necessity, had a banner year.

[24:10] What should we accept? Bad circumstance happens, and if we accept it, which is logical, and expect accordingly, we will reap accordingly. However, if we treat it like a challenge, a game, the matrix for those who know what I mean, and we do NOT act accordingly…what will happen? If we don’t accept the logical, negative consequence, and we expect to find a solution that makes reality even better…things happen differently. Our mind gets wired differently. We look for possibility and opportunity, and when we really look for it and expect it, we WILL find it. It’s just math.

[25:05] Another story, my dad, Dan Miller…a frequent guest here. His company, 48 Days, hosts a lot of events, usually sold out. They do the events at a place called The Sanctuary.

[31:03] It’s a life-changing message and — truth, folks: It will make you weird. An anomaly. But you aren’t here to be normal, are you?

[31:11] Thanks for being here and walking with me in Inspiring Our True Performance. I’ll be with you on the next Ziglar Show!