[00:00] Hello, everyone, and welcome to The Ziglar Show. I’m your host, Kevin Miller, and this is episode number 471. What’s on tap for you? Zig Ziglar, on stage, with a compelling message on the power of reaching out to others, for two reasons. One, to go beyond just caring for yourself so you can care for others. And two, what happens FOR you when you do so? One thing is…others reach out to help you. We have more and more people today who have great hearts, great things to offer, but they feel alone, isolated, unsupported and in many ways…stuck. If that is you, you’ll want to hear this. Or, if you know someone else who may feel this way, send the show to them. Or maybe you are helping others and getting helped. This will inspire and be confirming to you and spur you to do more!

[03:13] Hey, folks, if you have not yet listened to show 470 with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, titled, “When love is not the answer,” please…do yourself a favor. If you are a man or a woman with a heartbeat and any desire to have vibrant, rewarding intimate relationships…this is a must-listen-to show. Also, show #468, titled, “Create your culture” with Dina Dwyer Owens of the billion-dollar Dwyer Group, has gotten over 30,000 downloads in just over two weeks. She obviously hit a nerve. And with any of these shows, if you get value, please let a friend or 100 know. Spread the message of…Ziglar.

[04:02] OK, we’re going to dig into Zig’s message to us today. It’s only about seven minutes, then we’ll spend a brief time honing in on three specific points he gives us. Here is Zig!

[04:15] Zig starts telling stories about when he was a teenager.

[10:43] Zig leads off telling a story about a teacher who inspired him, and I want to dig in for a moment on his climactic statement.

[14:23] OK, so Zig’s teacher told him, and we’re going to hone in on this: “Those of you who have an ability which goes beyond just providing for your own needs, have a responsibility AND opportunity to reach down and lift up those people who do not have that same ability and opportunity.”

[14:43] Now, right there. Wow. Do any of us want to say we DON’T have the ability to go beyond just providing for our own needs? I’m certain none you listening right now want that. But what does that really mean? Volunteering at a homeless shelter? Sure, could be that. Giving money to a charity? Sure, that’s good. But is Zig only talking about altruistic, nice “Christian” things?

[15:17] Let’s look at Zig himself. He worked his way out of poverty and learned a skill…selling. With that skill he achieved a really good level of income for himself and his family. As he was able to go beyond just providing for himself, he began pushing more into personal development to become the Zig Ziglar you know. He published his first book, See You at the Top. when he was just shy of 50 years old.

[15:46] He devoted his life to lifting people up. Because he felt called to. Because he believed it was the right thing to do. And…he made millions of dollars. I’d submit he made far more revenue and achieved far greater success in his devotion to lift others than if he’d stayed focused on the sales profession alone.

[16:11] Let me go further. If you could have success in your life, vocationally and financially, would you rather do it than being engaged in any old job, or being engaged in a vocation where you are using your gifts, talents, and abilities to lift others up?

[16:29] I’ll wager 99.99% of you would choose the latter. And, statistically, you’ll have far greater success being engaged in something that is truly fulfilling to you. And, statistically, where do people find the most purpose? When they matter to other people. When they are helping and serving others.

[16:52] So, sure, volunteer at the soup kitchen. Absolutely. But your best serving and lifting up of others may come at the other end of you offering a great product, service, and message…and receiving significant financial compensation. Don’t box Zig’s message in pure altruism. Why? Because he didn’t!! He loves what he does. He would do it for free.

[18:17] Second: He cites how that teacher…was one of the people in his life that lifted HIM up. Many people are aware, because Zig mentioned it often, he had a Wall of Gratitude in his office. Framed photographs of 20-some-odd people who had massively impacted his life.

[18:40] I first visited the Ziglar headquarters in the summer of 2012 when I came to be a presenter for them, talking on the topic of self-employment. The first thing I saw on the left wall of the hallway was that wall of gratitude; this monument to people who had lifted a hand down to Zig. Moments later, I met Zig face-t- face and got to spend the day with him. What I found was testimony to that wall. A man of dramatic gratitude. He was a lifetime student.

[19:33] But let me point out something: he didn’t just get lucky in having these people reach into his life. They were able to reach in because he reached out. He showed up. They didn’t come banging on his door. It’s only going to come from intentionality. We’ve got to risk some effort and maybe discomfort. No pain, no gain!

[20:11] The people destined to give you a massive hand up…are out there. Waiting. Willing but unknowing.

[20:22] If you feel alone and isolated and unsupported, the only answer possible is…go. Get out and get exposed to people. To a person. I’m not a super-social guy who goes to events to try and connect. If you are, awesome, do that. I find specific people and tactfully work to connect with them individually. Or through a mutual connection.

[21:45] Third, Zig says, “You never know what’s going to happen when you do something for somebody else.” Coach Jobie Harris, who had a huge impact on the student Zig Ziglar, was mentored as a young Boy Scout by the man who eventually was Zig Ziglar’s father-in-law.

[22:11] We really do reap what we sow. We get what we give.

[22:16] Do you want more? Give more. If you don’t feel you have much abundance to give from…just give something. Over and over.

[22:25] Zig: The influence you give today, the good you do today, is going to live, and keep on living.

[22:33] Think of it as planting seeds. If you plant a seed of reaching out to lift others up, every day, just one seed a day, at the end of the month you have 30 seeds planted. The chances of just ONE of them sprouting is amazing. Even if it’s six months from then. But so many people today can’t imagine one good break happening for them. One person reaching out to lift them up.

[23:21] They need to increase their odds. Plant a seed every day. Shoot, plant one per week!

[23:39] Lift…to be lifted. Or as Zig would say, “You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want!”