[00:00] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we exist to Inspire your True Performance. To give you the fuel of motivation that enables and equips you to take action on your desires for success in your work and life. I’m your host, Kevin Miller, and today is episode 469. We have Zig Ziglar. It’s a short, five-and-a-half-minute message, but it’s just an incredible follow-up to our last show, number 468. The focus is how do you really walk out his foundational belief at work? And why? What is that belief? The one you’re about to hear him speak as we play the intro quotes, “You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” So, let Zig inject you with some aspirational counsel. Then we’ll spend a moment helping you really digest and take action on it.

[01:50] OK, folks, so we’re going to take captive Zig Ziglar’s most valued perspective on life and make it more than just a nice quote; “You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.”

[02:08] Just to tip you off, in next week’s show, #470, we interview Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, famed author of the book, Love & Respect. Now, if you are a man or a woman, I honestly don’t know if there is a more powerful message for your relationship together. Right, it’s not just for those who are married. I’m having my kids listen so they understand a proven truth about what language or tactic motivates boys and men, and what motivates girls and women. But if you are married or in a relationship, I’d strongly encourage you to plan to listen together, or at least both listen to it individually on the same day or two, as you’ll want to discuss this. Seriously, you will want to. Especially you guys. My wife and I went on a getaway trip and I asked her. And no, I don’t like marital conflict or discomfort. There’s my testimony to whet your appetite.

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[03:52] OK, folks, here is Zig, then we’ll break it down!

[09:27] So, Zig starts out with his foundational quote: “You can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” He also mentions the “Golden Rule.” Let’s focus here just a moment, and get a plan… For those of you who grew up in church as I did, you may have had this mantra given to you countless times, specifically in regards to squabbles with your siblings or school mates, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And it seldom felt good or mattered.

[10:10] But today, as a father, I do it too! However, I do go further and try to elevate it out of a little Bible verse to “be nice” from a pithy, religious context, and into a reality of life context. That, yes, it’s the right thing to do. But it also helps you get more of what you want. Just last week it came up during a discussion on generosity. I told the kids, “What if I came in and gave a bag of treats to one of you kids, and you freely shared it with your siblings? But I gave to another of you, and you kept it all for yourself. Who would I be more prone to continue giving to?” They, of course, replied, because they are brilliant, “The one who shared.” I said, “Yes!” That’s the point! And, of course, when you share, you’re also prone to have those siblings be more generous to you in return.

[11:03] I had one kid say, “But, Daddy, isn’t that then just being selfish?” Giving to get? And I replied, “You know what…it can be. But then…it’s still the right thing to do for others, isn’t it? So, whether your heart is in the right place or not, being generous is still the best thing to do, either way, isn’t it? So why would you ever NOT be generous?”

[11:31] It’s also just basic personal relationship skills. It’s very much the message in one of the all-time classic books by Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

[11:50] If you want the opportunities that present themselves by having favor with others…it’s the only way to fly. Does anyone NOT want favor with other people? There is everything to be gained by having favor with others, and everything to lose by not.

[12:12] But this is becoming a lost art in our culture, and I’m not insightful enough to tell you why. As a guy who was taught the dramatic benefits of gaining favor with others by serving their needs…I believe it’s the best skill I’ve acquired. So much so that it’s the primary awareness and skill I teach my kids.

[12:50] Nothing they will every learn will be as valuable to their lives as learning how to gain favor with others. By…serving them. So whether you do it with a good heart and an eye toward being a true saint and standing at the doorway to heaven, or you do it with an agenda in mind for your own benefit, it’s the smartest choice.

[13:11] As an admitted human who is not devoid of self-interest, I’ll disclose that I’m always doing both. Serving and giving, ’cause it’s the right thing, and because I know it will benefit me.

[13:25] I put time into bringing you guys the best in inspiration, hope, encouragement, and equipping for successful personal development. I believe in it so much I’d do it for free! As a gift! However, I’m more than happy to receive payment for the value…and I do!

[14:03] OK, so Zig next asks how does this principle really work in the corporate world.

[17:34] Zig talks about a Wall Street Journal article that surveyed 15 “Golden Rule Companies” and that they found from them, they

  • grow faster
  • make more money
  • have greater return on equity

[17:48] He mentioned Ken Blanchard, One Minute Manager, said if you Invested $30k in the stock market, in 30 years you’d have $109,000. But if you invested in 15 Golden Rule companies, companies who had Integrity as the base from which they operate, announced public policy that they are in business to serve the public, you’d have made over $1 million.

[18:20] Couple things here. One…we’ll be having Ken Blanchard on the show soon to discuss his new book, One Minute Mentoring. But two, if you’ll remember, the show prior to this…show number 468, was with Dina Dwyer Owens. Her book, Values Inc, showcases what happened in her company, The Dwyer Group. They manage franchises in the service industry, and they are wildly profitable, to the tune of billions annually. They far outpace their competition by…the Golden Rule. Integrity is first, and it has made them be first in profit!

[19:22] The answer to the question of…why doesn’t every business run this way then, is…we don’t know!! The other end is Enron! Scandal and a miserable failure.

[19:38] But for us, then, the question is…why aren’t we devoting our lives to helping others get what they want? Whether they are:

  • Spouse
  • Kids
  • Coworkers
  • Managers
  • Boss
  • Employees
  • Friends
  • Work and business associates

Why aren’t we working to be the most liked person in our workplace, community, and family? In show 466, Dr. Meg Meeker showed us how living like this changes our mind so that we are happier, aside from the results. So there is reason number one, it just makes us happier people with a more joyful life. Reason number two, it’s the right thing to do. Whether you believe in a higher power or humanity, it’s the right thing to do. Then number three, it’s absolutely the best tactic for our personal success.