[00:00] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, episode 465. I’m your host, Kevin Miller and today I have the distinct pleasure of bringing you a message from, Zig Ziglar. This is actually a relatively short show and it’s a focus on honesty and respect. If you’re new to the show, let me fill you in on what our long time listeners know. We are just one of many, many great podcasts. However, most podcasts deliver incredible information on how to do…the things you want to do. While we do a bit of that, our primary focus is showcasing you how to be, so that all the efforts to do, can actually get traction.

[00:43] Traction is a great word. Your car is powerless with out the wheels and tires. If you feel like you do and have taken in a world of information over the years, but aren’t totally satisfied with how much you’ve actually done, you’re in good company. And you’re at the right place. Come with us and you’ll learn how to be. So that you can do. So…you can have. Again…welcome!

[02:00] Zig’s message is today just about seven minutes. And then of course I will break down few points which are just worthy of little bit of more attention. Zig starts with the couple of story of kids and dads specifically. And now the principles are relevant to all of us in our relationships. But breaking down the messages as I always do, I was letting some of the specific parenting examples. Those of you who are parents specifically will get food for their thoughts in this show. As our show generally follow similar format, this show interrupts containing lots of references and resources.

[07:18] Zig continues telling stories. One of my favorite people is Neil Jeffries. Neil is some of you know stutters, is one of the most effective speaker I have heard in my life. He never let his condition become a problem. As a matter of fact, he uses that condition in a most effective way anybody I have ever seen in my life. He tells how Neil comes home late and found his dad but his dad never said anything even in coming days. After that Neil went to his dad and said that I was wrong and please forgive me. And the relationship restored. The more quickly you do such things, the more easily your relationship can be re built.

[10:30] Husband and wife relationships are of course the most important ones.  The best way to make your lifetime relationship is to make her your best friend. Make your mate your best friend and then the relationship will be much better. The technology that we have today is so enormously effective. We got all the faxes and computers and telephones and everything else. All the technology is to communicating and yet communication individually one on one is the biggest problem today than it is ever being.

[15:30] Zig’s first story about the son who stayed out too late and finally told his father. A classic example of the point of the show I think honesty and integrity. In Zig’s story the son told his father because he respected his dad and he wanted an intimated relationship with him.

[18:17] His next story is about the boy who gave his dad counsel on driving directions and his dad have most gracious response. That is something to model. Being respectful always pay off more than not. Everyone deserves respect. Giving respect always pay you better than not. Always pay attention to how am I talking to our kids. Same thing applied with my employees, my friends, my spouse. Just a big lesson from Zig there.

[19:23] Now he makes just a quick reference to his wife of making your mate your best friend.

[21:00] Zig mentions that how we have technology and all these communication tools yet we so often fail to have communication. And what his point is that we often fail in real communication that matters. So Zig gave this talk that we listen to, that earlier in 1990s before the mainstream uses of texting and Facebook messaging now utilizes today. And what Zig sided that problem with communication is some way around a zillion times greater today.

[23:19] Zig made a certain quote that 99% people do what they do, when they do it, based on the information they have that time in the circumstances that exists at that moment. We are here all of us to set true the principles today, they guide you so when in the future we are face with the moment in time, we are guided by the principles that endure even in the place which seems fatal.

[24:58] Zig in the last told where he gave negative stats of children from single parent home. This is for the listeners whose marriages are not well, should try to give more attention for the sake of their kids.