Zig tells the story of the mother and her girls who all had psychological problems. And the journey through 60 days at which point all their psychological problems were gone, as a result of love.

It’s interesting, as just an hour ago I had lunch with two doctors. Doctors devoted to alternative care. Where traditional medicine is primarily not actually health care, but instead is merely illness and disease management and care of symptoms, these docs work to get to root cause issues and helping people actually become well again (you’ll be hearing much more about this in the coming months!), but these docs were sharing how more and more physiological and psychological problems…they are finding are a result of stress. And the primary culprit is often relational or job or money stress. One of the primary issues this is affecting is digestion. Yes, more and more people with heartburn, irritable bowl syndrome, leaky gut and on and on…they are changing their diets (which is usually a great thing!), taking supplements (also good) and doing other things to make changes physiologically, but when it’s stress causing the problem, having a perfect diet and more isn’t going to help much.

So here in Zig’s story are kids having psychological problems. Was it that they didn’t know they were loved? Or they just didn’t’ feel connected and accepted? Or they just felt alone? We don’t know. But they could have gone to psychiatrist (which are sometimes needed), been put on any number of pharmaceuticals, drugs, been put in different therapy groups, change school, change their diet and surroundings and on and on. And what they needed was…love. In the form of their mom, in essence, saying, “I see you, I know you and I love you. I’m with you. You are worth me going out of my way to embrace and notice and commit to.

The point, however, for us is…how are we doing? Do we have healthy relationships, lack of encouragement and connection, causing us harm? How is our work life? Fulfilling and peaceful? Discouraging and stressful? How about the finances. Are they a source of worry or confidence? Or Zig’s favorite focus, how is our self-image?

These are powerful issues in our lives that seldom get any true attention and devotion.

And what are we doing to help others here?

Zig made mention of our efforts to love others…that it may not always result in acceptance and positive results from those we try to give love to. But what you are going to hear much more on in an upcoming show with social researcher and best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn is…much of the benefit of loving others is what it does to us. Not what it gets us from them, but what it does in and to us. It reprograms our brain and our perception of ourselves and others. Think of it like planting crops by hand over the course of a month. You dig up the soil, you hoe rows, you plant seeds, you water and fertilize the field. Afterward, you are tanned, feeling stronger, feeling healthier from the fresh air and exercise and inspiration of nature and you actually ARE stronger. More at peace. More confident. With all that benefit, what if the crops don’t actually grow? If they do, it’s icing on the cake!

Zig talks about the amazing things that happen to you when you go out of your way to be nice to other people. Folks, the question I have is…what is the downside? Think of all the people you know in your life. Now, think about how many of them you’d write down if you were asked to make a list of those who actually go out of their way to help other people. How do you view them? How does it affect them? Negatively? I doubt it. Chances are they are more joyful, more at peace, get more opportunities and favor and a host of other positive outcomes. So I’ll leave you with that question to ponder…what is the downside of being the person who habitually goes out of their way to help people?

[00:35] Welcome to episode 463 and our favorite legend Zig Ziglar. Today he brings us a message on you, getting to your fore potential, how? By getting outside of your world of you, my world of me and looking for others, caring for them, being bigger person and in result, you get your super power, you get your just reward, you up your performance. It is not a rocket science, you think it is a common sense, but it is not that common these days. Listen to the Zig and then we will break it down in easy digestions so that you can take action and truly inspire your true performance.

[02:01] Hi everyone, I am your host of the Ziglar show, Kevin Miller. Today Zig again talks about the power of the personal relationships in specifically the benefit to ourselves, when we love others. We will get into this more.

[05:03] Zig starts telling story of his friend who says that there are 3 billion people on the face of this earth who go to bed hungry every night. But he said there are 4 billion people on this earth who go to bed every night for a word of appreciation, a word of encouragement, a compliment. Wouldn’t be a tragedy if one of those people is your wife or your husband, your mom or your dad, your brother or sister, may be a next door neighbor? Encouragement gives hope, it is one of the most powerful tools we have when building any relationship.

[06:05] Zig continues to tell the story of a woman he met on his tour to Australia and how that woman feels about the importance of telling your kids everyday that you love them. He used to say that if you don’t tell them, they will marry someone and have kids and they will not tell their kids and it goes on so somebody got to break the chain.

[10:07] Love never fails. Genuine love based on your interest in doing the right thing and the best thing for that other person. Sometimes you plant seeds that don’t bring harvest. Best part of life is this. Everybody that you are nice with are not necessarily going to be nice to you. But that is their problem, it is not yours.

[12:26] How do you build a relationship? You create an environment. You get up 30 minutes earlier, that’s a tremendous step towards creating a right environment at your home. Because if you start your day in a bit run and run all day then you will not have capacity left to be nice to people as you otherwise would. A 30 minutes earlier start where you can be a little more casual, can make a great deal of difference.

[14:40] There are three key issues that Zig covers:

[18:15] Zig tells a story of a mother and daughters who had some psychological problems and the journey of sixty days where other psychological problems are gone as a result of essence of love, care. As I have reading this, two hours ago I had the lunch with two doctors. These doctors actually work on the root cause of people and helps them to be well again. They are discussing how more and more physiological and psychological problems are coming as a result of stress. One of the primary issue they had seen or talked about is digestion.

[20:22] The point for us is how are we doing. And do we have healthy relationships? Do we have a lack of encouragements and connections? How is our work life, is it fulfilling the peaceful or discouraging stressful? How about our finances? Are the source of worry or confidence? Or Zig’s favorite focus, how is our self image? All these things are effecting our brain, our mental wellbeing, can then cause so many problems. These are powerful things in our lives.

[21:18] Zig made mention of our efforts to love others. Then it may not always result an acceptance or positive results in success of those who are trying to love to. Much is the benefit of loving others is what it does to us. It reprograms our brain, our perception, ourselves or others.

[22:43] Effort of doing or giving love or being nice, it transforms you. You are the primarily beneficiary.

[23:05] Zig talked about the amazing things that happen to you or us when we go out of our way to be nice to other people. And the folks, the question that I have is that what is the downside. Think about the people you know. How many people do you know who can go out of the way to help other people? It may not be a lot of people to come to the mind so think really hard and hopefully there are somebody. And how do you view them? How does it affect them? If anything negative comes out of it because I doubt, there is. So I leave you me, you and us with the question, what is the downside of being the type of person who literally goes out of the way to help other people?

[24:27] Zig also talks about creating the environment for you to be able to love others. And he talks about the mornings, getting up to have time before you start running.

[26:54] Zig here in this message just talked about to start your day with positives by getting up early. But he also talks about the end of the day, when you come home from work, from school, from wherever and again we just talked about positive, it is so naturally inclined to speak about the struggles we had.

[29:00] Every show which you are gonna hear, whether we are talking about the Zig message, whether we are talking about the message from one of our interviewees, whether Tom Ziglar and I are doing Q&A, from the questions which you guys have, whether we are talking about being kind of cultural. This is not going with the flow, this is not going normal, this takes effort, this is the higher road. That is why you are here, that is why I am here, you want more than the norm, we want more than the norm, that is what brought us here to listening.