[00:47] Welcome to the Ziglar show episode 461. Today we hear from Zig Ziglar himself on the literalness of his foundational value and most well known quote. It is this, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want. Folks this show is the very crux of the Zig Ziglar’s entire legacy.

[03:04] Hi everyone, I am your host Kevin Miller, the topic of this show today is one I benefitted from the most in my life. I was talked the concept of the values caring for others and they will then return care for you at a really early stage in my life. I have used this method to dramatically benefit my life from more than any other been at counselling actually. It is saving grace for so many areas where I am not so strong. Zig is about to talk to us about eight minutes and then I will tell you the supporting stories and prospective, but this message is a game changer.

[03:53] Zig starts telling stories about an insurance company. A human being is not alive who does not genuinely appreciate a courteous, enthusiastic individual, who appreciates the efforts that they were doing. Simply you can say that you can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

[08:24] In this life of ours, we live with often a lot of people. Our ability to get along with them, to large the degree of determine just how happy they are going to be. You check the records you will discover that regards of how everything else is going, if you are not getting along well with the people who are important to you, you are not a very happy individual. Then if you look at the other direction, I don’t care how badly things are going in every area of your life, if you are really getting along well with the people who are important to you, overall, you are basically a pretty happy fella.

[16:15] So Zig tells the story of being at a VIP table and how he treated a waitress and in result he gets an oversized ice cream scoops. This story is truly a big deal, simple math but it is missed by most people. So here are the thoughts which I have literally when I met let’s say a restaurant for answers.

  • I am a follower of Jesus Christ. My example to the server and my guest should measure up accordingly. I have a responsibility to try to mirror love and care.
  • Now, the servers are just a human being just like Zig said. Deserving again with respect and care, no matter what their position.
  • You know what, I really want great services. Wherever I met because I am selfish, I want it from me. And the best way to get great service is to do just what the Zig did. Butter up the server, make them feel great.
  • I have a viable fear of what kind of service I will get, and what can be done to my food if I don’t care for the server.

[17:39] There are only benefits, only upside of giving respect and care and appreciation to someone like a server in a restaurant. And no downside, zero downside. If you treat them like a tool to bring your food, chances are they will treat you like an anonymous customer. But little appreciation can easily become their priority. Easy math, common sense i.e. just not very common.

[18:31] Lets take it further, what did the other people on Zig’s table communicate to him. Minimal level of attentiveness and awareness of the message they paid him to come deliver is the parent, haven’t got it yet.

[19:35] Be very kind and thankful to a server, they were obviously either taught manners or they learned what Zig’s telling us, we just talked about it, the benefit of caring for those who care for you. But it’s the sad part is I also witnessed too many people treat servers like servants. So how about us, how we want our clients and customers treat us. Do we want us to treat us, for taking us for granted.

[22:03] It is bit a game, my wife and I play everywhere from grocery store, the restaurants, hotel, always give appreciation to employees, and get them smile and how they treat us back after we encourage them, authentically. It is not just some tactics and strategy; it is the right thing to do but Zig has always told it pays off.

[25:08] Zig tells us story of the guy visiting heaven and hell and the people sitting on the banquet table, isn’t that significant. It is a life perspective altering story. Would we be the people sitting at the table, utensils too long to feed ourselves, desperately trying to figure out how to get the food in our mouth or we be the type who realize that we can all help us if we help each other. It is kind of cultural, it really is.

[26:35] Zig’s philosophy is giving all you want in life by helping others what they want is radical. It is kind of cultural. Do we want to the best with the effort to take to achieve it. Or we want the easy road, not the good not the best but easier and settle for that. The only reason you are listening here is that you want what is best and Zig is just fueling us for journey and opening the road for us.

[27:23] Next Zig talks about the power of relationships, if you have good relationships, are generally happy. If you don’t have the good relationship, generally not.