[00:24] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, episode 454. Today I bring you…Zig Ziglar. On stage, and in a more intense mood than his somewhat jovial presentations. Why? He’s talking about self-image, a topic he was most passionate about it. In this message Zig’s focus is on some of the key things that cause a bad self-image. The thing we need to audit within ourselves, so we can correct them and succeed. This is a meaty show!

[01:45] Hi everyone, I’m Kevin Miller, your host of The Ziglar Show. All the self-help, self-improvement, inspirational and motivational info in the world is pointless if your self-image is faltering. And very, VERY few people can claim a perfectly healthy self-image. Which is why it was arguably Zig’s number one topic in his devotion to inspiring true performance.

[02:12] In today’s message he has very few punchlines and laughs. It’s  a serious subject we need to give serious attention to. The message from Zig is about 10 minutes, then we’ll give focus to just a couple highlights from what he shares.

[02:28] Let me say, you’ll notice the recording is a little rough. Folks, there are more audio recordings of Zig Ziglar’s talks and presentations and teaching than nearly any other leader on earth. And so often, some of the gems that only made it via some subpar audio. I apologize for it, but not enough to nix it and keep it from you. This specific message here is one I had not heard before. So bear with it if you would.

[02:57] And real quick, speaking of less than perfect, many of you may have missed shows 452 and 453. We had an error in our code when we uploaded show 452 and it stopped the feed on over half of all podcast players. It took us a while to realize and correct it. So maybe check to ensure you got them, as 452 was a great Zig clip titled, “The power of relationships at work” and show 453 was a stellar interview with Ray Edwards that has already been cited as “The best show we’ve ever done!”

[03:34] OK friends, here is…Zig:

[03:45]Damage to self-image when we compare ourselves to the famous people of the world, and to the brains of the world, with the people who have all the other things, does that constitute success?

Millionaires are boring. I’ll be talking about who’s next to be the millionaires, you probably surprised to know that there are more salespeople than he millionaires or doctors. You probably amazed to learn that there are more millionaires in America with average job less than 1% of all the millionaires in America. Are the athletics, entertainment, music, television and the movies. The other 99% are people like you and me, who hung in there over a period of time. We need to get a different picture of ourselves.

[04:54] What causes for a poor self-image, well you can say that: Poverty can be the cause of poor self-image. If at home sits a child unwilling to acknowledge that his friends have an impact on him. If they have a drunken parent there or a drug addict, they feel embarrassed, that can be the cause of poor self-image. But the number one cause of poor self-image is the lack of unconditional love.

[06:53] When in the last time you saw a series where you had a regular husband and wife, who were the heroes of the series. Most of the times the father is brutal or vamp. That create a real problem. Now the question is what do you do about it. The negative preachers are one of the biggest causes of a poor self-image. We need to look at the positive side as well and that is what I would like to do.

[07:59] I wanna emphasize that when you explore the manifestations of a poor self-image, it will help us identify people who are dealing with and hopefully themselves. And if we can tell that person has that kind of problem then we are in the position to offer a solution. Here are some manifestations:

[08:27] Jealousy without cause:

In the study of 300 world class leaders, let me remind you 25% had some serious physical abilities and 75% were abused badly or raised in poverty. They realized it wasn’t what happened to them, it’s how they handled what happened to them

[09:13] the Second manifestation is Failure to give your best effort:

If you don’t give your best effort then you can always say well I tried, I would have been succeeded in that endeavor.

[15:53] Zig was talking about damage to self-image when we compare ourselves to the famous people of the world. On that we would like to remind you the show 440 with Rachel Cruse “Love your life, not theirs”, this issue right here is the one she was talking about.

[16:24] Zig probably said this two decades ago, before the internet. Today, we are dramatically more exposed to the famous people of our time. You can’t escape the exposure if you get online at all, which nearly 100% of people do these days.

[16:48]So the point, we are all frequently, and if you do a lot of TV and media…you’re saturated, with exposure to people’s lives that are a very minute percentage of the world, and to that degree…NOT the real world.

If you think it doesn’t affect your psyche to some degree, the comparison of your life to theirs, Zig is saying…you’re mistaken.

[17:13]Does that mean you stop all media? Well, to any degree you would, it will benefit your life on all levels. But as we began by citing, it’s nearly impossible to get into a bubble tight enough to escape it.

[17:30] The point then is…let’s get it on the table and deal with it. If you come visit me you are in a dry climate at high altitude. You need to subsidize with more fluids than normal.

[17:47] If you are frequently exposed to the celebrity world, you, we…need to be aware of how it affects our self-image. Our desires, our “keeping up with the Joneses” etc…

[18:27] That is why Zig brings the next point about Millionaires. Here Zig is talking about realities and truths that were very well laid out in a book called “The Millionaire Next Door” Thomas Stanley.

[18:52] Millionaires are by percentage NOT the celebrities. Not the pro sports players. Not even the doctors and lawyers. They are primarily business owners, but those businesses are often very low profile, relatively small and usually very blue collar. Less than 1% of millionaires in America are regular people.

[19:38] Causes of poor self-image

The other causes of poor self-image, he listed as Poverty, Drunken or drug addict parent, mainly anything that causes at home being embarrassed to your friend, obviously abuse and the number one is the absence of unconditional love. The point is loving your child not for what they do, but because they are alive and your child.

[21:50] Zig asked when did you watch a movie who has regular husband and wife who were heroes? They had respect for each other. They don’t make any movies like that. How about Negative preachers.

[22:51] Manifestations of poor self-image

[24:45] 1. Jealousy without cause

Study of 300 world class leaders – Zig cites this a lot…I’d ask you to listen and retain. I’ve used this in talking with people and encouraging them  within their less than desirable circumstances

– 25% had a physical disability

– 75% were abused or raised in poverty

[27:26]2. Failure to give your best effort

Then Zig goes through a litany of descriptions and examples of reactions indicative of a poor self-image.

[27:51]If you are normal, it’s easy to hear the list and think of other people. Which is ok…it’s good to recognize! But maybe rewind and listen with YOURSELF in mind. Nobody has a perfect self-image. Where are you possibly falling?

[28:28]Zig doesn’t want us looking at other people, he wants us looking in the mirror.

[28:36]You may have noticed Zig doesn’t wrap up this message in a tidy, inspirational bow. He just leaves it hanging. He leaves it with us to chew on and deal with.

[28:47] I appreciate that. So many churches where, if the preacher does give a message with some meat to it, they’ll so often then try to tidy it up, put on a smile and handsomely send everyone out the door with hopes of sunshine and a fat lunch.

[29:15]Sometimes we need to look the enemy in the face and realize there is a battle going on. And not deny it, but hit it head on and overcome it.

[29:26]That’s why we’re here together on The Ziglar Show. Thanks for being with me as we inspire our true performance together!