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[00:00] Welcome to the Ziglar Show, this is episode 449 and we have a Q&A show with Ziglar CEO Tom Ziglar and your host Kevin Miller, that’s me, answering some real life, gnitty gritty questions from our listeners. We have some tactical questions, and some deep, personal development questions today. Chances are 100% you’ll hear something that resonates, inspires, and equips you!

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[03:25] OK, here then I bring in Tom, and we dive into your questions:

[03:32] Good to see you Tom. I think it is a time for Ziglar HQ new years update. What is happening?

[03:42] Well Kevin, I tell you what that new year is starting off fantastic. Had a tour of the head quarter and that was cool, need some people. We got a few things coming up, we got a new business over there. He ziglar message is reaching far and wide. I got dozens of emails everyday, I mean everything is going fantastic. I am looking for 2017 and it is really is that you make it. And the three things before we get into this to how to make 2017 a new year:

  • 1. You gotta work on your mindset.
  • 2. write goals down in detail
  • 3. do the work

There you go, there is the recipe of 2017 from Ziglar HQ.

[05:40] Good morning Kevin and Tom,
You are constantly talking about “doing what you’re good at, and passion
will follow”, “don’t waste time and focus on your skills”, “live life now,
don’t wait until you’re retired to start living”.

[05:55] I think this is ultra useful and amazing advice for a plus 35 year-old, already successful, white male. However, I would love advice to younger and diverse listeners (and lovers) of your show.

[06:08] I am Currently:

  • -25 years old Mexican legal immigrant in south TX for about 5 years.
  • -Halfway through my MBA
  • -Have zero experience in what I am not even sure I want to start a career on but know it’s profitable (Data Analytics)
  • -Have manageable amount of debt
  • -Frustrated that I am wasting my best years

[06:26] I genuinely care for people; customer service and leadership are my strongest skills. I am the type of person that friends and family come to
asking for help and advice. However, I know I would be a successful
business owner because I work hard and have the education and drive to help people by providing them with real value. Still, I have no idea on what
type of business venture I can dedicate my skills meaningfully, instead of
just for profit or working in a company I really don’t enjoy being in. I want to start enjoying life NOW.

[06:55] I have been listening to your amazing show for about a year and it has been life-changing. Thank God I found your podcast because I listen to it every
single day. You have made me a better person.

Thank you!
Alberto “Beto” Marcos

[07:14] I tell you what if every 25 years old person asked that type of question, that is good stuff. First off, I think no matter what age you are whether 5 or 85, it is always a good time to dream and turn those dreams into goals and to follow your passion. So do we get started in that journey?
Here is the word that encourages for you. A lot of times we know that we would be a business owner but you are not sure what business your gonna do. One of my friend used to search for the best franchise for the people. Because there are hundreds of good franchise you could buy, but which is the best that fits you. So you go to the filtration process.

[09:23] So what you do is you take your skills, your talent, your education, the things that come naturally and easy to you and you walk in the general direction in which you might want to focus in. And here is the thing about the Goal setting. As far as you go, you can see, you will be able to see even better.
> long list, but what would you enjoy spending days doing, for pay? As opposed to hobby?
> audit those businesses, meet with owners, try to work in field for paid apprenticeship. What if it’s a 4 year journey, like a degree? Don’t study biz, do it.

[10:30] If we have a dream, we wanna owe something, we wanna build something or become something, we put it a plan to get there. We don’t have to know where it is gonna end up in 5 years or 10 years from now. We can instead, this is what I am gonna do in next 10 years, here are the books I am gonna read, here are the people I am gonna meet, here are the mentors I am gonna seek out, here are the steps I am gonna take in that directions.

[12:17] Somebody else asked about a profile we have mentioned in the past show that have to do with choosing the career directions and that was talking with my dad Dan Miller and the disc profile they used is 48days.com.
If you look at the lot of people who have succeeded in their pursuit, and they have succeeded in their business world as a business owner. Very few of them have done so some specific leadership or mentorship in that direction but a lot of them paid for it.

[18:25] Hello Ziglar Podcast,
First of all, thanks so much for doing the podcast. It has been a real help in my life. I was a fan of Zig’s in the past, and finding him again via podcast has been a way to keep his good messages a part of my daily feed.

[18:38] I took particular interest in the podcast about React vs Respond. I have been been told I was “too reactionary”! Through my life of 54 years, I have learned to hold back my reactions more, and respond with fewer words and emotion. However, in the past few months I had an awful set back and the walls came tumbling down. I reacted to a point that I could not control and it scared me. [she goes on to share details of a very hard couple of decades as a single mother with very hurtful experiences with her ex, and a son] Since then, I have been flooding my heart and my mind with reading and listening to positive, meditative things like the Ziglar podcast. I meditate everyday now. I am learning to be happy even if events don’t go my way, as life happens.I would like to hear a podcast on reconciling with those you love. I would like a strategy to build a bridge. I forgive over and over in my heart. But it is taking time.

Thank you and God bless,

[19:22] This keeps coming up. Because we hear that and we understanding reacting vs responding. And as it comes down to have that ability what I keep hearing that from people is a personal pain. If we backup from reacting vs responding we are talking about self image, self control, forgiveness, healing, it is a deep question.

[21:15] If you are gonna go and ask for forgiveness, the simple straight forward approach is the best way and that is you like the person and can talk privately and look directly at them and say I was thinking about what happened, I need to ask you for forgiveness, I reacted and it was wrong, So I need to ask you for forgiveness. So please forgive me.

[31:01] Sometimes we get into where we set up the situation unintentionally than gets reaction out of this, because we didn’t approached in the right way.

[33:08] Next question here is a great one. It says that I am struggling with following through with executing the thoughts of creating the life career that I feel inside and constantly think about! Always starting and stopping! I Believe like Zig to share and Inspire others to help change lives. Have changed jobs numerous times in search of finding the time to build the images of a new way of being in life and believe I can make an impact but find myself avoiding the actions necessary to become the leader that I know I can be! 49 years old and now feel my time is ticking and do not want to have regrets!
Love the show, avid listener! Keep up the amazing work!

[34:15] I learn to really look at : 1. Do I really care about this specific thing enough to do that? If I am not doing it, there may be a problem with my core motive. Is my motive strong enough and so of that I can find people.

[36:50] I love that why. Is it really your dream, is it really your goal and then how can you take steps to action on it? I am gonna be real practical. I am gonna follow up. You know you said that I have my perfect start of the day, I had 90 minutes but I shared with you the first 45 minutes. The second 45 minutes is the one thing, one thing that I wanna done that day. And by the way I do all this before I check emails, social media do anything. So if it is really your dream, you need to transform it into a goal. What is it that you keep starting and not finishing, what is your goal and what is it look like. What is it that you will achieve and your gonna put deadline to it. What will be the goal setting process? And you gotta go through with that process.

[39:00] So you are talking about your perfect start. I am always interested in hearing about the people that are doing things which I want to do how they live their lives. I think we all enjoyed that. It is great to hear that.

[41:43] My opportunity clock is set usually around 4.30 or may be 5 am. In the last six months, if I happened to wake up and look to the clock and it is only 3:45 am, I’ll get excited because I have extra 45 minutes to my start to the day.


[42:31] Evan Herrman
He says as a listener to the podcast this is something I struggle with or question all the time. Being a follower of the podcast a I love hearing all the great success stories of how people were just like me and then made it through different avenues. the disconnect I and probably other listeners have is because those that have made it we put on a higher pedestal because we see the end result and not the transformation. Even when experiences of the transformation are shared. Therefore as a listener the thoughts are that’s great they did it with that system, but can I really do it. I personally listen to the podcast for hope and inspiration and encouragement and I get all those things from it and even lessons about transformation for myself but at the end of the day I still feel alone in the fight. I probably feel like I know you far more than you know me because I listen to you weekly. I know you take seriously what people say about the podcast. I don’t want to just present the problem without a solution. Everyone likes cheering for the underdog and somehow makes a personal connection because they feel like the underdog in life. If you could take an individual and occasional do a show and follow up with the person and the process the systems and coaching I think it will give the audience A way to connect closer to the show and The Zigler teachings because they feel like they’re being coached themselves. They feel like the underdog and now they have someone who is just like them that they can root for inevitably though they are really rooting for themselves.. no that’s wouldn’t be every show because that would just be boring however someone that you can follow and occasionally check up on maybe a cool idea. This is why I messaged you about a couple weeks ago that I wanted to talk to you about.

[45:45] I have never been to skydiving and I think I am gonna love doing skydiving. And I can probably watch videos on and read books, go to on the internet and see what you do and what you don’t do. But you know that the first time I got jump out of the plane, I would have a dive master, that kind of thing is a much better experience. And you know people come from different background and may not have the pleasant experience. So you are just stalking those places, like I know I wanna do, but how to go on the next level and so I am right there with you. Just know that it is not possible, there are things which you can do when you follow God’s plan in the right things. The question is that if we have the confidence to go out and do that.

[47:07] Maybe there is somebody in the personal development world who is like they are willing to do that reality show or the podcast, when we bring on David Ryan who’s our head, a one on one coach, the coach works on podcast and also teach audience that hey this is the break through principle we do. Maybe we got some podcaster who do small business, or some entrepreneur, somebody who’s got a small business and they are kind of stuck in small business and they have to do the same kind of thing, can write and record in so that whole world can hear about it. So if somebody is willing to step up and say yes I will share my challenge and that’s what it tells me that it is far more likely to follow through it.

[49:10] If that sound interesting let us know, you can respond it at ask.zigshow.com or just email us ask@zigshow.com. Let us know what your thoughts are. Not only give us the review but also tell us why, specifically. You can post questions on any of these.