[00:00] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, episode 447. To kick off the New Year I’m bringing you one of the most downloaded shows from our past, with over 61,000 downloads, the title is “Your future, your success – equals the size of your hope. You must have more.”


[01:15] Hi everyone, I’m your host of The Ziglar Show, Kevin Miller. Fulfilling the requests we get to feature some of our most popular episodes, I’ve got a great one for you today. Anytime a show gets over 50,000 downloads, it’s pretty significant. But we have some of the clips 60,000 downloads or more. We posted the following show in June of 2015. It’s 13 minutes of Zig talking about one of his foundational, most beloved topics: Hope. Following his message I sat down with Tom Ziglar, Ziglar’s CEO and Ziglar son, to dig in further on how we can all, literally increase the size of our hope.

[01:56] There is much debate regarding issue of success and what is most important. Is it hope? Well, if it is not, it’s at least first sequentially. Without hope, we either don’t ever take action, or we take weak action that does not produce success.

[02:14] So here you go, start your New Year off with the first step in your quest for success, however, you define it:

[02:23] What is winning? The reality is that all of us want basically the same thing. And I will be talking about this whole lot. Everybody wants to be happy, everybody wants to be healthy, everybody wants to be at least reasonable prosperous.

[03:04] Love for money is the root of all evil.

[03:35] Everybody is interested in money. Everybody wants to be secure, they want to have friends, peace of mind, good family and relationships and they have the hope that the future is going to be even better. What part does hope plays in all of this? I believe it is the basis of everything.

[03:55] If there is a hope in future, there is power in present. How happy can you be if you have no hope? How healthy you would be if you have no hope? How prosperous you could be if you have no hope? How secure you will be if you have no hope?

[04:28] Hope is the key to offer a lot of things. You do not develop champions on a feather bed.

[07:25] The two things that make a most of me is “I love you and I believe in you”. I cannot begin to tell you what it feels like to me to have a cheerleader cheering everyday for my life and praying for me every night. That encouragement and support meant it all.

[09:02] One of the reasons I believe that I am qualified to make suggestions, make differences in your life is you see I have walked in your shoes. I remember when I was the salesman next to Carolina, while doing all the struggle, I had my life down. I had my telephone disconnected, I had my first baby in hospital and the bill was $64 and I didn’t had $64. For that I had to go out and make two sales in order to see my own baby.

[11:13] It is not the color of your skin, it is not the place of your birth, it is the size of your hope that going to determine where you will be going in life.

[12:15] How do you get all the things, what is it about? If you all really wants to be happy and healthy and prosperous, and secure, have friends, good peace of mind, family and relationships and hope, Let me tell you that you got to deal with all passives of life, you got to deal with your personal life, in family life and your career, you can not separate them.

[13:19] You go for quality of life first, and there the standard of living goes up. But if you just go to the standard of living then there is no assurance that quality of life will goes up.


[17:26] So the Ziglar ask what is winning? For most they want to be 1) Happy, 2)Healthy, 3)Reasonably prosperous and the classic Zig stands, he stated that Christ for significant focus in his teaching on physical and financial well being. And for that quoting bible which says Money is not the root of all the evil but the love of money is the root of all evil.

[18:45] My question is for you Tom is how do you see people’s devotion to keeping things secure robbed in the greatness.

[19:05] Until you let go the status, you can never achieve the greatness. And it is like whether it is in church or some people are just addicted to the status.

[22:30] The Zig says that most of us are striving for an abundant for money, friends, peace of mind, family and relationships and hope for the future to be better. And he ask what does the role of the hope in all of this. And he says that if there is a hope in the future, there is power in the present. So I am gonna ask everyone listening if you are staring at the face of little power purpose meaning joy in the present, is it possible because you have lost hope in the future, you just don’t see too much into the future. So Zig said answer to the questions that how happy can you be if you have no hope, how healthy can you be if you have no hope, how prosperous can you be if you lost hope, how secure can you be if you have no hope.

[24:24] Self employment is just a vehicle for people for better in their lives and the reason they fail is not to do better business ideas, plans, it is primarily due to lack of belief and again hope. Do you actually know what hope means? The definition of Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

[25:30] If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time. So if somebody has a vague of hope, there is no compelling reason to take action. There is no physiological reason for those who live lived and those who die died. In fact it didn’t have to do with the health condition they were or the survival instincts. The bottom line in most cases is those who lived never gave up the hope, they were certain that they were rescued in any minute.

[27:44] Hope is everything but it has to be about the certain things. So when I tell people to clarify your dreams and goals, it is not about I wanna do great things someday, what a great thing do you wanna do. How do I come to the person who can do that great things. How do I become that person. What character qualities do I need to have? Who do I need to associate with in order to me to become that great person. When you become that great person along that way then that great person you will become will do the great things.

[29:55] A primary ingredient for success that overcomes like you have said, you know the physical aspects, how brilliant you are, your IQ, your circumstance everything is hope. If we want to have more success we have to increase and establish our hope. That is the point here. “Increasing and establishing your hope”.

[30:46] Zig said when you discipline yourself to do the things you need to do, when you need to do them, the days going to come when you do the things which you want to do when you want to do them. I mean who doesn’t want to be the person who earn that kind of freedom.

[31:57] The road to the top goes to lots of valleys. You don’t develop champions on the feather bed. You gotta be trials and difficult in order to grow the muscles, and qualities to going to make it difficult in your life. You have to be right person before you can do the right things, you got to do the right things before you can have what you believe is right and worth a while.

[33:24] My favorite Zig book is an autobiography of Ziglar which you can get at A lot of book I read, loved but the one impacted me is an autobiography of Ziglar.

[34:35] What are some tipping points you see in people experiences that finally got them to stand up and serve and lead others in a big way?

[34:44] The tipping points usually occurs in one of two ways. One is there all of a sudden put in situations where they gotta provide something for somebody they love that beyond whatever financial capabilities they have dreamed of. But there is no option.

[36:18] I think the first tipping point in some people’s life is there somebody they love and care about, they are not only stands up, they are going to rise up and they are going to win the fight. The second thing is kind of internal self realization where they say wait a second I was put on myself for a reason and they starting to have the hope that wait a second if there is a reason for me to beyond this then what keeping me from away it. And then they buy in to the idea that the only thing in between in them and what they want is a 100 percent commitment to discipline to make it happen.

[37:27] “You can not determine your future but you can determine your habits and your habits will determine your future”. Hope is what we realize that we have the power to do something. We can all do something to make our life better. You can think that hey I am gonna build my habit to make things better. Because habits can change everything. That is the tipping point. The tipping point is when you cover the realization creating for something better than this. I am gonna create that habit that allows me to achieve that.

[39:22] We are gonna start asking questions for the show, start doing some different types of shows too but start asking the questions on Facebook. If you are not on our Ziglar Facebook page, we are gonna start posting questions once in a week, getting your feedback and talking about your questions, your ideas, your input and regards to these messages right here on the show.

[41:00] It is the size of your hope which determine how far will go in your life. What is the size of your hope? When I ask people to start residing self talk cards daily. What about putting a sign on your bathroom mirror, or car dash borad, near your work computer that boldly ask us out daily “What is the size of our hope?” Is this not where the fuel of life resides? How would you rank it?

[41:36] Hope is so powerful I think hope is the fuel or may be adding to the passionate, motivation, desire on which hope runs, so hope is the vehicle on which we run and it takes us where we wanna go.

[43:25] The food which you grow in the valley is what you are gonna eat on the mountain top. What I am going through right now, that is gonna help to me to be more successful in life.

[44:07] What is the road to the hope? Have you got locked in to your life and lost the picture of the hope? A good story is made up by the character who want something, overcomes conflict and get it. I see many people who just don’t want anything significant. But not all of you who listening are in the same boat. The Ziglar message is that you are more than you are what any of them experience it. You haven’t scratch the surface. Deep inside you know that you have more to offer and desperately want to offer it. And that is why we are gather here.

[46:25] Zig said that you are designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, endowed with the seeds of greatness. That is so powerful. That’s who we are.

[47:20] In my words, I would say that you have to change your inputs, right? People who feels that way is because all the inputs they have ever gotten have told themselves.