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[00:00] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, this is episode 445 and today I have a Zig clip for you. Zig spends 10 minutes talking about his initial foray into sales and how bad he was. Two years of failures. Then he spends 10 minutes talking about…what changed. You’ll definitely want to hear this, it will speak to you!

[01:13] Hey everyone, I’m your host of The Ziglar Show, Kevin Miller. Today I have a long clip of Zig for you. He spends ten minutes talking about his dismal sales beginning. And folks, it’s really important to take captive the reality he’s talking about. Following the clip I’m going to hit on the realities of what he went through and how dramatic the lesson is for us. Two significant points.

[01:50] Then Zig tells a story of what radically changed his career trajectory that will just inspire you.

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[03:34] Alright then, let’s get to it. Here’s your guy…Mr. Zig Ziglar:

[04:00]  I was selling sandwiches around the dormitories at night. I did extremely well doing the regular schools, but when the summer time came and no act placed in dormitories and boys and girls were going out at night or their little snacks and I had to look for something else to do for naturally.

[04: 38] I saw an ad in the paper where they wanted $10,000 a year salesman. I went down and applied for the job. It was selling cookware on the person to person basis on the commission basis, I had to buy my samples.

[05:08] But they did not believe that I could sell. Hey turn me down. It took me 2-4 months to convince them to at least give me a chance. On the condition of giving training, and at the end of the training they will decide to put me in selling or not.

[05:38] So for the next two and the half years, all I did was to prove them that they were right to start with. I sold my furniture, sold my car.

[06:30] I will never forget that day when I had 50 cents in my pocket.

[07:18] When my first daughter was born the hospital bill was $64.  Didn’t have it. I have to get out to do the sales before I get out my own daughter from hospital. I am here to tell you I know what it is to be broke.

[07:40] I asked my sales manager Bill to go with me, find out what I am doing because I wanted to do sales. When it is over I asked Bill what do you say. We went to the training room and he had one of those big black wired recorder. He recorded my talk and it was the 90 minutes presentation.

[08:43] I am saying that you really can change.

[12:12] There is a hope for you. A whole world changed in one day.

[17:13] Go to work on a schedule and it is enormously important. I knew how to make appointments, I know how to do meetings, I knew how to handle objections. He salesman is ready but the man is not ready. Until he get the main ready the salesman is not gonna get ready. I had been trained in sales and techniques, now the self confidence is my own.

[18:30] Let me emphasis you something really important that I haven’t learnt anything about sales, I learnt whole a lot about me. And when y image changes, everything about me ad changed.  I finish that year as a number two salesman in the America over 7000 others. In the next year I was the highest paid manager in that company.

[19:58] I wish I could know every person who sits in my audience, every person who picks up one of my books, I wish I could get to know that man on a personal basis but that is impossible. But if I could I will look straight to your eyes and say you are born to win. There will never been another like you. You are born to win, you are prepared to win and then only you can expect to win.

[21:30] I am gonna ask to vote in an entirely different nature. I am gonna ask you to vote you. And here is the process. You can step directly into the polling booth of your mind. In the booth there are so many lever but there is a great lever with your name on it. You are going to grab that lever and you vote for you. And you discover that a long time ago God has already voted for you.

[22:43] So Zig failing, from start to two years in. Why did he continue, he had no viable reason to? I want to hit on this now.

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[23:53] Zig tells the story of selling sandwiches in the dorm to going after a cookware sales position. And they wouldn’t hire him. He kept after it.

[24:10] Why? We don’t know.

[24:18]They said, “We don’t think you can sell.” He doesn’t say he was convinced and so sure he COULD sell.

[24:29]Why did he think he could sell? We don’t know. He didn’t any get support from a reputable sales company. Why wasn’t he deterred by their opinion?

[24:55] He didn’t say he was passionate about cookware or that he had any personal interest in cooking.

[25:05] Why did he go after selling that instead of something else? We don’t know.

[25:18] He had zero reason other than…he wanted the $10k. Needed it.

[25:23] Why did he so confidently, or at least stubbornly go after it and not take no for an answer?

[25:40] I’ll offer a stab at an answer.

  •      In some past shows you may have heard Zig cite that the biggest percentage of CEOs and top executives and big business owners came from homes of poverty and/or a sibling with a disability. And what do we derive from that?
  •      Tom Ziglar surmises that it’s because they realized life wasn’t all about them. And I’d add that they didn’t have the luxury of letting obstacles deter them. Obstacles like “no” or “You can’t” or “you’re not good enough”.

[26:30] Most of us don’t have it that hard. Things are pretty good. Sustainable. We have a level of comfort and security.

[27:02] We don’t need anything so badly as some of the “hard survival” stories.

[27:09] So our personal drive isn’t generally as committed. It’s easier to respond to a have to than do the hard thing when it isn’t…dire.

[27:25] WE come back to this often on the Ziglar Show. The root of personal development and progress is getting ourselves to do the hard work, to attain something we want. WHEN…we don’t have to. Even worse when we’ve got it “pretty good” in the world’s standards.

[29:28] This then folks, is the purpose of motivating us. Giving us a motive strong enough to do what’s needed. Dire circumstances is the best motive, we respond to pain more than desire. But desire is a valid option, we just have to really ramp up the desire enough to commit to it.

[31:03] Another issue in Zig’s story, and our is…why do we so readily believe people? Why did he not believe the sales company’s opinion that he was not good enough for the job?

[33:00] Would you have believed them? When was the last time you went after something, knocked on a door, shared an idea…and were told, in whatever manner or for whatever reason…no. And given good, solid, valid reasons why?

[32:15] Now the point isn’t to just dismiss anything negative anyone gives you. If I applied for an accounting job and they interviewed and tested me, they would be wise to say it’s not a job for me. Could I kill myself to learn and increase my math and accounting skills? Absolutely. Enough to be competent. I have to say…I think yes. But I’d also hate it.

[32:55] But folks, most of our epic stories are of people who were told “no” and they can’t, and they did it anyway.

[33:26] What we need to do is seek wisdom…our own and others, and discern the issue at hand. When we are told “No”, what questions should we ask to discern if it’s a “no” we should accept or not?

[34:00] Well, I’m not going to answer that here and now in specifics, other than saying…”When there is something we need, desire or believe in, we should never, readily take “No” and quit. Most great things we all benefit were made possible by people who did not take the first or fifth and in some cases the 500th “No” and just quit.

[34:51] To that degree, is there anything of true worth you would go after where you won’t get multiple “No’s”? I rather think not. I just spent time getting new internet hook up at my home. I live far out in the Rocky Mountains surrounded by National Forest. We have no cell service, no internet. My neighbors all have satellite, because that’s the only option. For my work and kids schooling and home entertainment (MUSIC!!), I want more than satellite can offer. So…I started brainstorming.

[35:40] Utilizing on neighbor up on the ridge, a lot of questions, some uncommon technology and risking life and limb to trim some trees, my family benefits from high speed, unlimited internet.

[35:50] I’m not smarter. I just wanted an alternative more, and didn’t readily take no for an answer.

[36:08] If you are doing things of worth, you should be living amongst many achievements that are the result of not taking “No” for an answer.

[36:28] But let’s put another reality and truth on the table.

[36:31] The ultimate “why” for not taking “No” for an answer? Because you shouldn’t…anymore more than you should take “yes” for an immediate answer!!

[37:08] Whether yes or no, we are to press in and seek, not what others say, but what we must do…deciding for ourselves. And before you think I’m saying it’s all you, alone, all powerful…I’m not. You as unto God…absolutely. But what is said about this?

[37:30] We are to seek counsel from a multitude. Check this out:

[37:35] Prov 15:22 Without counsel, plans go awry,

But in the multitude of counselors they are established.

[37:42] Prov 11:14 Where there is no counsel, the people fall;

But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

[37:50] But let’s think about that. The reality. You can’t say, “I’m going to a multitude for counsel to find out the answer.”

[38:03] – You can’t find out, because THEY don’t have your answer.

[38:09] Think about it. The point is…

  •      [38:11] You don’t make decisions based solely on your own counsel
  •      You don’t make decisions based on one person’s counsel, or even two or three
  •      You can’t make decisions based on a multitude because they won’t all agree
  •      You make decisions after taking in a multitude…then you are left to discern and decide for yourself

[38:45] So to be correct, you’d say, “I’m going to seek a multitude for counsel so I can better discern the answer…that I must ultimately understand and choose.”

[39:00] But we also must be wise with the multitude we choose.

[39:07] You can have a multitude of counsel from a group that is all of the same.  

[40:00] To wrap up just a small recap in the zigglar show, he spent 2.5 years and he failed.

– got himself audited

– honed his craft

– why not deterred??

– confidence that generally goes with ignorance, figured I can do it

– not many of you listening would call yourself ignorant. You are smart, intellectual and reasonable. And as such, you are much more prone to quit too soon

[42:44] Be smart enough or ignorant enough to persevere. Not take no for an answer.