[04:40] My story is your story and I’ve walked in your shoes

[04:53] Zig says I’ve never lost a child or a spouse, though not too long after he recorded this, he lost his oldest child and daughter Susie to cancer, from which he wrote a book

[05:24] I’ve had someone who loved me all of my life

[06:30] Always been healthy. Emotionally, physically

[06:49]As far as uncertain about what tomorrow is bringing, no clue of what we will be doing how can handle any number of situations I have walked in every pair of shoes in this room today.

[07:30] I was milking cows before I was 8 years old.

[11:13] You can’t make a good deal with a bad guy.

[12:00] He worked out of necessity and duty.

[12:45] His boss at the grocery store wanted to train him and mentor him.

[14:45] Quick story of seeing his wife for the first time.

[15:15] He wanted to embrace her and be affectionate right away

[15:25] But…he would have been skipping steps. An analogy for all of us wanting to skip steps that we must take.

[16:18] Which is why my fav Zig book is his biography. He had every reason to fail. Or be mediocre. To be average. To better himself and make an ok living. Maybe even a good living.

Interview With Dan

[16:55] We are here to dig into the big issue that he does cover, why did he overcome? Why did he seen such circumstance and overcome and many more though are overcome? So join me now Dan Miller, author, speaker, the life coach.

[18:30] You have such a similar story, having 5 kids and a farm, doing barn duties early morning, when I was five, we have to roll the bushes, cut the strings, we have calves which we had to bottle feed jobs. So it signs that lots of leaders come from hardship and they overcame. Most of the people overcome from hardship. Hardship grows strength. But does this happen every time, what do you think?

[19:13]   You can see it in either ways. Like I seen a guy working in a grocery shop, once actually pull the trigger and killed one man. He is jail and he is having two sons, both in mid thirties. One is reputed financial advisor with beautiful wife, three kids and doing well and second is just like his dad, doing drug dealing and robbery and end up in jail. After asking both replied with the father I have what do you expect from life. One found the dad as a bad example of what not to do and one finds his excuse that I did what I saw.

[21:39] That is the core question that we grab it here is why did he one overcome and why as the other overcome by. That is why you are here. You are supposed to give us seven steps and five keys.

[21:59] Here it is. People don’t pay, people aren’t happy of what they do, people have so many competitors. Same environment, same business, same platform, once is going bankrupt and other’s business is sky rocketing. If we go back to my upbringing, the milk and cow things. My parents were very strict and clear about their ideology and they were not welcome by the idea of changing your destiny. But I saw this opportunity that I really can change my destiny. I can have more, give more, do more that becomes a real foundational for me when I was thirteen years old. There was thing like that make me believe that more is possible.

[25:02] Why did you have that desire whereas others in the same circumstance I mean your siblings did not?

[25:40]When I was small I went to a small school in Ohio where we had 32 kids in a class. In the 40th reunion when I went back, I found only two people went out of that town, one is me and second is a girl. People in the environment didn’t see possibilities beyond what was right there and believe me there wasn’t much possibilities right there. I as a little kid always dream about being at the other places. I didn’t had TV or radio at home, that driven me into books and I was like a magnet with books.

[26:40] The more I read the more I imagined myself in the world like that. I think that part is how we are wired, we are wired differently. I have the believe that my life can be dramatically different in what I see in there.

[28:08] Where did this DNA of desire came from. You said you are wired differently and people listen to this and are trying to inspire themselves, motivate themselves. So as in DNA of desire, how do you wired differently?

[30:22] In that two people story, one of them choose to be victim and one not choose to be victim. That is the critical point. If we see ourselves s a victim then we really have our hands tight.

[31:00] All you can do is watch your actions and listen to your words. If you wanna change, change the actions, change the directions of you words and the life will be changed.

[32:08] Very appropriate story for me. I grew up expecting to be the exception to the rule. And in many ways, I always have been. But that doesn’t mean you skip the necessary steps, and I thought I would. And I have the scars on my shins from the stumbling and bumbling that happens when you try to skip steps that are not to be skipped. Maybe you can take them faster or more gracefully, but you can’t skip them.

[33:20] If you wanna know where you are going, just watch where your feet take you.

[33:25] That’s the thing, you can change the direction of your feet. I am so optimistic about it, which is why I am wired. I have never seen myself as an victim.

[47:44] Do you see a comfort based cultures being a benefit when it comes to wanting more?

[48:26] Do you believe in “No Pain, No gain”? Do you believe in there is only way to go spiritual is to go through hardship? No

[51:00] I have talked to so many people who have lost their jobs, and are devastated in their life and after some months later they say this is the best thing that ever happened. It force me to take a new look at where I was and where I will be. So I wanna take that initiative to think where I am and wait for the hardship to become the only motivation.

[52:53] It is not a matter of more that makes our life better, t is just simply how can we make it better.

[56:13] One last question, what is the motive, what I want, what drives me, I mean what do we want? What do you want and why do you want it? Without that it feels purposeless. How can we inspire people to do what they want to do, how can I inspire myself to do what I want?

[56:54] The courage and effort are not enough, it has to be a purpose. Otherwise it is just an exertion. This is all I mean, it has to be a purpose.

[1:00:07] It doesn’t excite me to just have more, you know just more books, ore courses whatever. So what does excite me? It is the testimonials I get from the people, the thank you note, people telling how their life has been transform, that motivates me. I want to increase that potential to help more people, see the opportunity, believe in their potential. Well that is the strong driving purpose for me that keeps me going.