Dan Miller joins Kevin to cover two big issues.

Beverly asks, “I love to do so many different things. How do I decide which one to take the BIG step into?” Then Robin in Mississippi says, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying how STUPID the cliché is, ‘If you do what you love you’ll never work another day in your life.’ I love my work, but I work my backside off. I’m a nurse. I work at hospice. Everyone dies.” Tune in, as we deeply unpack these two topics.

Hello Inspiration Nation, welcome back to the Ziglar Show, this is show #395 and we have another Q&A show for you, but this time…with a special guest. Renowned speaker, podcaster, coach, leader and author of 48 Days to The Work You Love…Dan Miller — though I generally refer to him as…Dad. He’s a frequent co-host here on the Ziglar Show, he shows up to help me up my game. And truth is, we have a lot of fun onstage together. This will be a fun show!

Folks, I love question-and-answer sessions. I’ve done many seminars and conferences, and while it’s great to teach, train, and present, the Q&A is where people have taken an issue captive and personal, and show they truly want to apply a truth to themselves. I know it’s where I learn the most, whether I’m the teacher or the student.

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OK, now I bring you Dan Miller, famed success coach at 48days.com, and…my Dad:

Dad, thanks for cohosting the show with me. And folks, if you are not subscribed to the top-ranked 48 Days podcast yet, you’re missing out. The show is the best…of Q&A. Dad, why did you choose that as your main format?

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Beverly asks a question so many have: “I love to do so many different things. How do I decide which one to take the BIG step into?”

Beverly, that is one of the most relevant and important questions, and I’ll say you are far better off here than on the other side…not having many or ANY specific interests. But I also know it’s a question that, Dad, you’ve no doubt answered…countless times. Shoot. And I’d like us to really flesh this one out for everyone:

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I blogged about this years ago. I, too, have so many interests, passions, cares, desired accomplishments, etc., I had to look at them all subjectively and ask some questions. An overarching one was, is this something I want to pursue vocationally, or just something I really like and need to be part of my life to be fully me?

  1. I really like and care about this, but…would I want to work at it as a job?
  2. Is it even very viable as a job/career/business?
  3. Does it fit my circumstances?

I literally made a list in the blog I wrote, and to me — an opportunity, idea and biz guy — I felt they were all viable for income-producing opportunities, even my love of trail running.

Fun and Joy

Do I want to do it day in and day out, slave away at it, to produce money?!

But also, try them out
Immerse yourself
See what the endeavor is really like in reality

Low-hanging fruit
What do you really have the chops for?

Ultimately, knowing yourself.

I am always drawn to help make a good idea a viable opportunity, whether it’s my idea or someone else’s, and it kills me to see a great idea or message die and not come to fruition.

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Robin in Mississippi: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saying how STUPID the cliché is that “if you do what you love you’ll never work another day in your life.”

I love my work, but I work my backside off. I’m a nurse. I work at hospice. Everyone dies. I get to minister to patients and families on a daily basis. It is such a blessing. And I love it. And I’m flipping exhausted. I’d always heard that stupid adage, and wondered if there was something wrong with me.

Nothing pleases me more than caring for others. Would I do it for free? I dunno. Probably, if I were independently wealthy. The bottom line is I love my work, and, pardon my French, but it kicks my butt every day. Nursing is an art, I firmly believe. But it’s back-breaking. There are foul smells and lots of poop.

And people die. A lot.

But God can use me in very small ways to help others, and at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

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Thanks guys for this message.

Working at your passions doesn’t always mean having fun. What gives you deep joy and fulfillment and meaning and has aspects of fun, for sure? To a degree, doing these shows, this, the literal recording…is fun. Leading up to it is a lot of work.

I have a friend who said, “I want to reach the end…utterly spent. Poured out. Having given my all and in need of the rest!” Many can’t relate, because they are not involved in something they care about.

Hear the program; listen now.

Hailey Esser asks, “If you were to invest in a product and you only had one choice, what product would that be today?”

The one that I have a personal passion about, that I buy personally and think everyone else should. The one I’d buy and give away if I could. The one I truly am an expert at; the one where I’m super-clear on how it solves a problem for people.

Niobe asks – can you focus on working mothers and how they balance family life and entrepreneurial or sales success?

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Vic: I want to share that Zig Ziglar was part of a sales training session for the Southwestern Publishing Company in Nashville in June of 1972. It was for a group of college students working a summer sales job. I had just completed my freshman year at Mizzou. I was inspired in the many stories that he shared, and to this day will use the self-talk he taught to get my engine started in the morning when it stalls a bit. Zig said to yell at the top of your lungs, “I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel terrific!” And it worked then, selling Bible books, and it works today when I need to get past the self-doubt I experience occasionally selling home inspection services.