Systems. Routines. Habits. Proven steps. These are what franchises are made of, and they are foundational to our personal and business success. We discuss this with longtime Ziglar personality, and one of today’s foremost experts on franchises, John Hayes.

This is Show #388, and we’re talking with John Hayes. He’s an expert in franchises, and while we do discuss literal franchising, the point is…the power of successful systems in our life and work. John has a long history with Ziglar, as you’ll learn. And a reminder…go to to ask your questions; we’ll be addressing them in the next show! Record it right there on the page so we can use it in the podcast!

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So, folks, our focus today is on successful systems. Habits. In your personal life, and career or business life. And we brought on an expert, John Hayes.

John Hayes was the founding editor of the original Zig Ziglar Newsletter, and helped build the list from 200 subscribers in 1995 to 25,000 in just a few years’ time. He says, “Our biggest hurdle was to get Zig familiar with the newsletter and to start mentioning it from the stage. Once that happened, the list ballooned to more than 50,000 subscribers.” That list is, of course, in the hundreds of thousands today.

John is also a former “Ziglar Series Speaker” on the topics of marketing/PR and business development. And, he co-authored the book, Network Marketing for Dummies, with Zig! He’s authored more than 20 non-fiction books, including numerous best-sellers in the small business/franchising category. For the last six years he’s been on the faculty of Gulf University for Science & Technology in KUWAIT; it’s the first private university in Kuwait, and he’s a member of the College of Business where he teaches marketing and communications, as well as the School of Mass Communications, where he teaches writing.

Today he is a franchise business expert. He’s taught for 25 years at the International Franchise Expo – at the Javits Center in New York City, which this year, 2016, is – June 16-18. Four hundred franchises exhibit, and 20,000 people attend from 120 countries.

This year John will once again be teaching “The A-to-Z’s of Buying a Franchise” on June 18. It’s the only event at the expo that routinely sells out. John has three free tickets, which cost $120, to award to listeners who send him an email at with the Subject Line: Free seminar ticket.

OK, folks, here, then, I bring you Tom Ziglar and my interview with John Hayes:

John, you have a long history with Ziglar, from founding the Ziglar newsletter and instigating the growth of a big Ziglar email list, to being a prominent Ziglar speaker, to co-authoring the book Network Marketing for Dummies with Zig. It’s a gift to have you here with us now, to bless the current and massively growing Ziglar audience.Thank you immensely, John!

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In asking you about a major impact the Ziglar message had on your life, you cited, “I’m ‘better than good’ because Zig reminded me (and all of us) that we’re better than good, even on our worst days.”

So, John, share the personal experience that led to this specific perspective being of such great impact in your life.

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Before we get into the specific vehicle of your expertise, I want to talk about the foundation that is relevant across many platforms…successful systems.

Zig Ziglar was a champion, advocate, and creator of…successful systems. Today Tom Ziglar’s primary platform is good habits, and habits are the roots of…systems.

For you, John, where did this originate? Did you find the need for systems when things weren’t working for you, or did you naturally come to understand and develop systems for your success?

A statement you make is, “Whatever you’ve chosen to do for your career, I’m hoping you’re loving it. Life is filled with challenges and your career should not be one of them.”

I could say I WANT a challenging career, in regards to worthy and valiant and stretching… but I think the challenges you’re speaking to are different than this, yes?

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A shining model of business systems is, of course…franchises. You cite that franchises exist in 75 major industries.

Let’s clear the air right off the bat, though. People can often paint an immediate picture from a perspective they have on a certain term. With the word…franchise, what are some common perspectives people have that you’d like to speak to and dispel?

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What initially got you involved in franchises, John? Did you create one, buy into one, work with one??

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You admittedly state that franchises do not always succeed, nothing is EVER a guarantee, of course. I always bristle at the phrase people use, “I hope this ______(whatever) will work for me,” because nothing will work for you…only YOU will work for you.

But working at a proven system drastically increases the chances for success, as opposed to making it up.

You say you can show people how to make sure they buy a franchise that gives them a better than good opportunity to succeed.

John, I have a friend who owns many Subway franchises. He loves it and has become very, very wealthy. My dad had a personal coaching client who wanted to invest in a franchise. He bought a Subway franchise and lost his shirt. I know the personal stories and the why. But I bet you can guess quickly some of the reasons that fed into these stories…having to do with the personal make up of these guys. Tell us about it…

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You have taught for 25 years at the International Franchise Expo – at the Javits Center in New York City, which this year, 2016, is – June 16-18. Four hundred franchises exhibit and 20,000 people attend from 120 countries. That’s a big deal! What led to this opportunity?

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So, folks, John has a special offer for Ziglar Show listeners. Free admission ($120 value) to “The A-to-Z’s of Buying a Franchise,” which happens at the International Franchise Expo in New York City on June 18. John has three free tickets to award to listeners who send him an email with the Subject Line: Free seminar ticket. The first three who send an email will receive free admission.

You, of course, say that a franchise is not for everyone, not everyone will succeed with a franchise. So I’d ask you first…who is NOT suited for a franchise?

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Then, who is BEST suited for a franchise?

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What is one of your favorite franchise stories, John…and I’d ask for one from someone who would maybe not be the most expected success story.

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So, today, you’ve spent six years on the faculty of Gulf University for Science & Technology in KUWAIT, the first private university in Kuwait. And you’re a member of the College of Business, where you teach marketing and communications, and the School of Mass Communications, where you teach writing.

That’s a lot! But I’ve got to ask…Kuwait. Wow. What led to this?

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