Welcome to Episode 327 of The Ziglar Show. I’m your proud host, Kevin Miller, and The title for today’s show is “Mumbo Jumbo Motivational Stuff”. The title and the quote for today’s show comes straight from our special guest, and I took it right out of his clip we’re going to discuss in a minute, here it is to whet your appetite, “This stuff is more powerful, even than I thought, because even though people quote-unquote ‘know about it already’, verrry few people put it into action”.

Folks, I’m admittedly proud The Ziglar Show is consistently in the top 20 of Business Podcasts in iTunes, and the top 200 of all podcasts. And I’m even more proud that amongst all the great shows, we are one that you testify, helps make you a better person. But I’ll tell you, there’s another show dedicated to personal growth that owns a place in the top 50 of all podcasts, and top 5 in business podcasts.

The Art of Charm, which you can find at TheArtofCharmPodcast.com. They reside at the top in iTunes and Stitcher. The Art of Charm teaches the powerful weapons that are at the core of Ziglar, like influence and persuasion that allow you to network better for business, make more friends with ease and learn to increase biz contacts the natural way. Go to TheArtofCharmPodcast.com or find The Art of Charm in iTunes or Stitcher and start taking your life to the next level!

On that note, one of the things we’re going to continue doing more and more in The Ziglar Show is bringing you amazing people who have a personal Zig story and experience, involving their life change, as a result of the Ziglar message of hope, encouragement and inspiring true performance.

Today I have with us, none other than The renowned Art of Charm host, Jordan Harbinger. And for disclosure, the reason Jordan is on the show today is because his company asked to advertise on The Ziglar Show. So I went to check them out. What I found was…a Ziglar evangelist. And so while we gladly accepted their monetary compensation, I said that instead of merely giving them some airtime, I wanted an interview!

So we talked, I loved what I heard, and believed this was exactly the kind of info our listeners want and need. And here we are.

The best testimony I can give for Jordan, beyond being a Ziglar student and fan, is…about a zillion people listen to The Art of Charm Podcast! You don’t need a fancy bio when the public and marketplace speak. And what they say is, they want to hear what he has to say on his wildly popular podcast.

We’re going to start with a six minute clip Jordan recently recorded, with his Zig story. Here we go:

Jordan, thank you for doing what you do with “The Art of Charm” and helping inspire true performance in people. And thank you for honoring us by being here today on The Ziglar Show!

Right off the bat in your clip, your producer Jason asks you how you got into “Social dynamics and social development.” Can I say that a primary pillar of all you do at “The Art of Charm” is focused on increasing personal performance in your life, with a foundation on strong personal relationship skills. And in that, it necessitates any and everyone must give due focus to ‘social dynamics and social development.’ Maybe we could replace algebra with this in the school system and appoint you head master, what do you say?

> > Jordan shares how, no matter what skills you have, personal relationship skills will help get you further.

In your story where you reference your Wall-street mentor Dave, it showcases something we often find. The guy succeeding the most, was doing things differently than the rest. Which harkens back to your quote that I opened the show with, “Even though a lot of people know about it already, very few people put it into action.”

Why do we see this happen? The guy’s peers are all privy to what he’s doing, it’s out in the open. And he’s outperforming them. Yet few if any follow the lead of the successful guy. You did. You asked, listened and took action. So two questions:

  1. Why were you one of the few or the only guy to emulate what obviously worked?
  2. What keeps people stuck in the norm and not breaking out to rise above?

> > Jordan cites the norm in work that holds people back is, “Look where the beaten path is, always work hard, keep your head down and eventually get promoted. Basically, don’t screw it up.”


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Even though we honor, praise and applaud those that rise above the norm and as you said, are the exception the rule, is there possibly at the core of many…in the inner-self, just a natural hardwiring to fit in? And that is often stronger than the will to succeed?

> > Jordan discusses how we all have fear in jumping out of norm, so our desire has to be greater.

So Jordan, you were enamored with the concept Zig and others made famous, “In order to get what you want, help other people get what they want.” Even though at first you didn’t believe it and thought it was, just “mumbo jumbo motivational stuff”. How often do you see people dismiss strategies that successful people teach, because they don’t fully understand them, and aren’t wiling to give it a try?

> > Jordan shares how he experienced the truth of helping others as the path to true success.

You obviously left law, became a student of the success principals of Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar and others, and devoted yourself to spreading the gospel with your own color, flavor, and vehicle. How did that transition occur and what led you to the platform of The Art of Charm?

> > Jordan testifies that learning personal relationship skills helps you attract any and all types of relationships, from dating to business.

Regarding the strategies of success, you said the key is doing it in an authentic way, so it’s not just an angle or an act. Which takes practice and training. It reminds me of Martial arts or dancing. At first the moves feel goofy and anything but authentic. But you practice and train until it become natural. As you said Jordan, a habit. Which then becomes a skill. And it is…authentic. And everyone will think you were born with it. You’re just “one of the lucky ones”. Again, it harkens to Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers (if you don’t know it, go buy it and read it).

Jordan, you host weeklong residential programs for men in Hollywood, CA. Is this a focal point? Retraining, paradigm shifting and creating new, authentic habits for success?

> > Jordan affirms this and states that many good habits, like helping other people, are uncomfortable at the beginning.

Last question before we regretfully wrap up this show that should never end. In your clip you again mentioned Carnegie and Ziglar and your effort to apply their success strategies to modern scenarios. You know you’re barking up my tree, as this is exactly what my focus is in The Ziglar Show. Would you agree we’re talking about principals that are timeless and evergreen, but simply need to be reframed and outfitted to meet the perspectives of an ever changing culture and demands?

> > Hear Jordan’s answer in the show! And tune into TheArtofCharmPodcast.com.