To be fully well, or as well as one can possibly be, takes four key pillars. The first is the input into your body, which comes through your senses. In this show we focus on oral. Your mouth. As you’ll hear the good doctor say, so much of our lack of wellness can be tracked to, “What are we putting in our body that it doesn’t want, and what are we not putting in our body that it needs?” As you will hear in this show, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, of course. But we can give you a framework and a structure that makes sense, and from it, you can start developing a healthy diet of what does and doesn’t go in your mouth. You will hear us address most of the main dietary trends right now and discuss the relevance of them. You will also hear much…compassion. Food is our primary drug and we can’t abstain from it, not for long. Our culture is built around food and two primary aspects, taste and convenience. But the truth is, food is medicine. We are either eating to our life or eating to our death. So listen in for some truly beneficial guidance and some counsel you can take with you and take action on and quit some of the frustration and get results.