It’s hard enough to motivate and instigate our own good health, much less our kids. Toilet training, room cleaning, doing homework, and more are pain enough. Getting kids to eat and live healthy is another level of effort. But then, what is our goal? What do we want for our kids? What responsibility do we take for their well being? Are you hoping your kid will someday move out, get a great education, land a job or start a business, make money and raise a family? Then how do we equip them for that? What about right now as well though? I want to enjoy my kids and have them be well now. How? There are no easy answers and in this show Dr James and I discuss the challenges and consequences of fostering wellness in our kids. For context, Dr James has three kids in his home between 14 and 10, I have five at home between 15 and 8. And please let me tell you it is always a struggle, so rest assured you won’t hear us brag about our kids happily eating raw carrots and hummus for every meal. But friends I’ve seen the battles with kids and spouses completely sabotage someone’s efforts at wellness. This is a big show.