Habits with comedian Michael Jr. :


  • 12 minute high intensity workouts, three times a week.
  • Exercise is more of a mental challenge for Michael, and putting that challenge up front at the beginning of the day sets the tone for his accomplishments the rest of the day.


  • Take time to listen, and give room to listen to the story of each member of the family, especially his wife.


  • Let things go, giving things up to God, leaving the heavy things at His feet.
  • Prayer


  • Daily morning routine, the principle is “hitting your knees before you hit your feet” and taking time to be thankful.
  • Drinking water
  • Praying
  • Journaling, taking notes in his phone of what God is saying to him and going back and reading them.


  • Making sure to have the right people who are strong and knowledgable in that area to keep the wellness.


  • Being around comedy clubs, and listening to other comedians.
  • Performing for different demographics.


  • There’s no map for what he is doing.
  • But what he does is let God show up and direct his steps for his career.
  • Just trusting God.


Show Transcription

[00:13] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and in this show we find out top comedian Michael Jr’s daily habits of success. Catch his main interview out in the episode right before this one, #510, where he charged us to “Be the Punchline”. In this short interview, the habit that most stood out to me about Michael, and has stuck with me, is his morning routine that includes hitting his knees before his feet to say thanks and be grateful. I think about it nearly every morning now. That’s why we do these habits shows folks, so that ideas like these from greats like Michael will resonate and stick with us and change our lives. Connect with Michael at michaeljr.com. Now…listen in…here I bring you Michael!

[01:18] Ok so folks, as we look at the Ziglar’s wheel of life, the seven spokes that he really leads us to inspire us. We just talked to Michael Jr. and we are going to talk with him now and hit on these areas. Michael look at the healthy habits you do or not do at these areas.

[01:44] Physical: I have a app that I use, it has the 12 minutes workout and to start with 7 but I am upto 12. And I looked to hit at least three times a week. It is really hard workout, it is continuous, I know people who are listening are like only 12 minutes but I take the 12 minutes and at the end of the day I am completely drenched. So that’s what I do.

[02:27] It is very high intensity. It is like 45 seconds one exercise and no break before going to next one, and then no break between next one. So I do push ups and then sit ups, I do pushups and then I run at place and then I do some dumbbells and then I hit the high steps which is really hard.

[03:18] A real quick question on that because obviously it stays you fit, but as far as how does it helps you with mental clarity, writing new material on stage and having interview you need.

[03:34] I think I can’t measure the necessary energy but one thing it does, it can’t do is it because I don’t like exercise material, I don’t enjoyed exercise but one at home it is really great because I know I am not out of shape, I am not awful. So to do something that is great for me, it is really a mental help for rest of the day.

[04:32] Family: I tried to listen meaning I purposely take time to listen them and I have a kind of list which my wife never noticed. I like questions from my wife, meaning we don’t really listen very well or I can say I don’t listen very well. So I tried to set some time to only listen, and I tried to type some questions from my wife and I just sit there and listen and let her talk.

[07:16] Mental: I do like to I don’t I don’t read books for sure but one thing to do is frankly a little different. And I don’t know how much I just let stuff go meaning I have a lot going on tour and I’m doing movies and television got a lot of really cool comedy opportunities all of his great stuff going on but it’s a lot. And I literally would take time out into a prayer and say hey God just is a little heavier than I think it should be, it just feels heavy. And then what I do is I literally put my hands like on my shoulders and try to like scrape something and you’re going to imagine like I’m about to pick up a big, I don’t yeah and I would lift it off of my shoulders and over to my ear and up towards God and be I can take him literally feels lighter afterwards.

[09:07] Spiritual: I do have a routine that I do daily called my morning routine, because it happens in the morning. First thing I do is I hit the knees before I hit my feet. I literally I tried to do every single morning and it takes 2 minutes. And then I hit water, I take 20 ounce water. So actually what I do is so much cool, so much fun. And I have a journal sounds a little lady like for some reason. So I have some notes that I’ve written of course. So I actually what I’m doing this is so cool, is so much fun whatever I take a random note like out of hand. Put a date on it and I’ll put the know and I just have a running thing a note in my phone right and then I go through my notes not all every day because too many notes but once I get to one note at the top of it at the date next to the date I’ll put two slash marks in those two slash marks means I’ve already read that. And it is amazing how that notes work.

[12:08] Financial wellness: I probably take a different approach from the most of the people because I have an awkward dis attachment to money. Meaning I would never really think about it. So as a result I have to make sure to keep right people at the place who will make sure all the numbers will make sense. And also my wife is brilliant in numbers. So I have one creative side and one administrative side. So in creative side I have 98% and the other 2% goes to administrative side. So I bring someone else in to take care of other 2%. And it give me peace that there is someone else to take care of numbers.

[13:50] Career: I do comedies, and sometime it is on weekend on churches and what I do really is to join some comedy clubs or I need to be in places where things are are relevant as a whole, because I can’t just do jokes that are certain genre people would like. I want to reach the masses. so I have to constantly be I’m just now to the point where I actually watch comedy and who other comedians do and I used to never really watch other comedians, but now to a clearly have my own voice and I know what I want to do, I’m branching out in the scene, ok what are other people doing how are people responding to it and then is there anything I can learn from that. So I’m watching comedy and I look for opportunities.

[19:16] Personal: Well this one right here is a little weird about the things I care. Here is my secret, I don’t know really what I am doing. So when I was in Los Angles, and you know in LA there are always producers and agents and they always try to make a path for you, so they see me and say ok you are funny. And then they say ok you are clean, and you are African American and you can perform in churches. And you can speak in corporate events and you got a motivational message. I get it they don’t know what to do with it. So in a lot of in house events I feel like I don’t know what I am doing. But what I do is like I will go in there and I will cry out. And I say to God you know but I don’t know what I am doing and I really need you. So that’s really what I do.

[23:02] Thank you for sharing your heart with us, thank you for sharing behind the scenes.

[23:30] Friends, what Michael shared was just convicting for me. “On my knees before my feet.” Love it. Did you get some value? Will you leave a review in iTunes for us? It’s the best way to support us. Coming up next in episode 512, we asked this question on Facebook, “Is there a challenging area in your life where you’re struggling to understand how you can change things for the better…or would at least like some brainstorming around the issue?” The responses were almost all around one issue, choosing and going after careers or businesses that are more fitting and rewarding. So my co host Michelle Prince and I just made this the focus. If you are not in a job you love…if you are interested in going after self-employment…this show is power packed. Till then, thank you, immensely, for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance together!