Consistent habits for Erik:


  • Eating simply
  • Training a lot, even outside of the mountains
  • Making sure to be ready, physically and emotionally, for an ascent.


  • “I see myself as like a climbing guide, like a coach. We talk about what it means to be a team and support each other.”
  • Constant dialogue with the kids, especially with intentional meetings to touch-base for the week.


  • Constantly reviewing your own performance.
  • Everyone can see themselves as failures, but we must grow by renewing ourselves, saying “tomorrow I’ll be a better person”


  • “There is a purity to what I do but it is a business”.
  • Money truly is a blessing, it’s a gift.


  • Seeking and searching out the mystery
  • Inside us there is a light, that we are trying to grow, and that we can use to blaze, and guide us through this life.
  • “What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.”
  • I feel faith the most powerfully when faced with the magnificence of nature.


  • It takes great energy to make things happen, and the things that drive Erik are
    • Family
    • No barriers outreach
    • His team and climbing


  • Surrounding yourself with people who emanate light.
  • Constantly think about who builds up your “rope-team” of life.

Show Transcription

[00:18] Welcome to The True Life Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we go behind the scenes with Erik Winemayer, our featured guest in the previous show #504. Erik is one of the most celebrated and accomplished athletes in the world and in 2001 e became the only blind person in history to climb Mount Everest, then all of the Seven Summits-the tallest peak on each of the seven continents. His latest book, No Barriers: A Blind Man’s Journey to Kayak the Grand Canyon is more than an adventure story, it illuminates how we move forward in our lives towards growth and purpose – despite the barriers that get in our way. This is what we dug in to in our previous interview with him. Today however we talk about his daily habits of Erik’s success, following the Ziglar wheel of life. You’ll hear How he was able to donate $1million to his own charity last year and he just turned 49 and in many ways is still figuring out what he wants to do with his life.  You will be enlightened and inspired! Get No Barriers and connect with Erik at

 [02:13] Here now I bring you Erik Winemayer and his daily habits of success:

[02:22] Alright Erik, jump off from your last show and we had so many good things to hear and now we go behind the scenes discussing your daily habits, the Ziglar’s wheel of life, what your daily and consistent habits to achieve the success. We wanna know about them. The first one we dive in is, I gotta imagine this is a big one for you, it’s physical. What do you do to keep yourself well on a daily basis?

[02:53] Well, I have no like huge secrets, I just eat well, I try not to eat like tons of carbohydrate stuffs something like that, you know have a lots of fruits and vegetable, kind of light diet because you know the heavier you are the hardest it is to climb. And I train a lot.

[04:22] So in those time periods, do you pick your life as a professional athlete, I mean your primary focus is your training.

[04:30] I vision myself up climbing, I vision myself on that mountain, I vision myself, if I don’t train, I am endangering myself and my team and my family. So there are two sides of that. You can envision positive or envision the bad thing that can happen if you don’t train.

[05:05] So on the family side, I know you are a husband, you are a father, what are the habits you will apply to keep your family relationships well?

[05:22] Well, I see myself as a climbing guy for my kids, a coach, you know like sit around and constantly talking about what a team is like, what a family is like, how do we support each other, how to support the kids. Because kids are like make enemy very easily, so I am gonna tell them I am not your enemy, I am your cheerleader. I want happiness, I want health, I want fulfilment, all those things for you, that’s why I am trying to achieve. I constantly tell my kids I am on your team and I am here for you.

[08:47] The third one is mental. Just the mental side of your life, being yourself, education, growing, what are the consistent habits in that area?

[09:01] Well I am really lucky because I got a small team. So we are constantly talking, we kind of manage things along. And then with my family, with my kids, they challenge me constantly. I constantly reviewing my own performance. And then kind of making a commitment of doing a better job next day.

[11:35] Number four here is Financial. What are the consistent habits that you do or have done in the past to have financial success ability?

[11:47] I am no expert in this arena, but when I was a teacher, I love teaching and I can do this forever, but I thought to climb Seven Summits, I am gonna tell you this, this is not the idea most adventure investors will invest it, like a blind climber. I did had some good support system, so my wife believes in this idea, we didn’t had any money, but my wife used her life savings which was $20,000 to get me started. And I was just going around climbing the seven summits and I didn’t think so far in the future. A kid whom I coach, his parents call me in his office and he wants to do some of the investments.

[16:04] I wanna spend one more moment on that because we have so many people listening. I was looking around your social media, you mentioned a minute ago, having sponsors are like mountain hardware, you recently have a lot of pressure on the company’s paycheck what is sponsoring you.

[16:48] I open the door to those companies to support our veterans, to support our youth and to be a part of this, no barrier experience as I found the companies, teams, they wanna support good work and bring this idea back to their team to elevate their own team. So it is a great circular sense of elevation.

[20:23] The next one is spiritual. From a spiritual stand point what are the daily, habitual things that you do in your life that enhance the spiritual side of Erik?

[20:50] Well, I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ and I read the bible but I am more of a searcher. I don’t claim to understand everything. I believe that our lives and journey are mystery. And I think everything we talk about in our lives, especially in no barriers is so much predicated on the bible, on faith, because it’s all about darkness versus light, it’s all about this idea of what we have inside us that we are trying to grow. Life is a storm, and you can’t see the future but what you can shape is the thing inside.

[24:56] The next one here is career and business. On your daily pursuits what are the things that you do to keep things solid and successful and running well?

[25:26] Well I partly know what I wanna do at this point. I just turned 49 and you are kind of close to understand things you wanna do with your lives and the time you have left and the things you don’t wanna do. Because it takes a great sort of energy though to make things happen. So I know the things that drive me, that gives me energy and that is a three things really: my family, my no barriers outreach and my team and my climbing. I think about those all the times and I try not to think about anything else.

[26:55] The last one here is personal. What do you do to just to fulfil your things that may not be outcome pursuit for everybody else but Erik does to make you the best Erik, you can be the things that you are gonna have?  

 [27:21] I like to surround myself with people, because I see the light in those people. And so for me it is like been around with those kind of people. I think there are believers and there are naysayers.

[30:00] Thank you for the spirit that just influence me and influence hundreds and thousands of people who are listening. Thank you for being here.

[30:21] OK friends, that was wonderful. Again, connect with Erik at Did you get some value in this show? Tell us please, by leaving a review in iTunes! It’s a great gift to us. Coming up next in show 506 we’ll bring you some of Zig Ziglar himself, then a discussion from your Facebook comments. Thank you…for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance, together!