What is the biggest obstacle to achieving the level of health, wellness, and fitness you desire and achieving the energy and vitality to fulfill all your pursuits? What if it’s a culprit you aren’t even aware of? What if it’s not your willpower and knowledge and time? Friends, a very real and present danger and hindrance is bigger than you. It is the culture we live in. The behavioral psychology of being a human drives us to want to belong and to trust society. But to live a health oriented lifestyle requires you to jump out of the norm, and this is a much bigger obstacle than you realize. In this show we strive to get the cards on the table regarding a heavy resistance to your progress you may not be well aware of. We also address the reality that in America we spend $3.7 trillion on “health care” and arguably 80% or more is preventable. We have more and better knowledge on health than ever, and the greatest ability to share the information. With that in mind, why is chronic illness and disease not just rising, but spiraling out of control? Again, this is important to understand because the “resistance” as we’ll call it, is a very real and present issue for all of us. To withstand it we need to know the score. No, this is not a conspiracy theory, it’s merely humanity and our very nature.