Consistent Healthy Habits:

Physical: Intermittent fasting

Family: Using words to speak life into one other

Mental: Reading, and reading a lot

Financial Wellness: Live beneath your means

Spiritual: Keeping prayer a personal practice

Business: Writing things down first thing in the morning, and separating your priorities from everything else.

Personal Thriving: Scheduling rest and recovery times

Show Transcription

[00:19] Welcome to The Ziglar Show where we exist to inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we bring you a behind the scenes look at renowned author Don Miller, our guest in the previous show 498 where we walked through his new book, “Building a Story Brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen”. Today we walk through his daily success habits in the 7 spokes of The Ziglar Wheel of Life:

  1. Physical
  2. Family
  3. Mental
  4. Financial
  5. Spiritual
  6. Career
  7. Personal

[01:10] You’ll hear he doesn’t eat breakfast, he reads 2 hours and 50-70 news articles every day, he lives off of 10% of what he makes and puts money where he can’t get to it, he refrains from praying in public and he recharges by doing lawn work.

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[01:53] Here then I bring you, Don Miller and his daily habits of success:

[02:03] Ok Don, so looking at the habits, the daily healthy habits, so what healthy habits do you engage in daily, weekly, monthly…to keep each of these areas strong?

[02:24] First is Physical: I don’t eat breakfast. The greatest discovery I have made is skipping the breakfast. So from 8 pm to the noon next day I consume zero calories and I know that sounds crazy but for my particular the way my body chemistry works if I eat breakfast, I will have about twice as many calories that because the blood sugar gets going and then I crave sugar rest of the day. So it was a way for me to eat less calories during the day, get a bit of fasting in which otherwise I never you clean out my system, and also decrease insulin and sugar cravings. So I would be physical as crazy as it is.

[03:47] The next one is Family: You know I’m I guess, I’m supposing it’s a habit but one thing that Betsy and I do to each other as we were just extremely encouraging, and you know when I was growing up, you kind of meet these couples and they would just be always really nice to each other you wonder if it was real. And to some degree you know I still wonder that but Bessie I just decided in fact we actually put together little one-page marriage plan before we got married. And the theme of our marriage was going to be restoration and so the world’s going to try to tear you down a little bit, but when you come home you get restored and the theme of our house is restoration and when guests come to our house we just want to restore people and that has turned into an intentional theme in our marriage. We just constantly speak life into each other and my wife is just naturally wired that way. I’m a critical person, I like to think I like the construct things, basically just as I want to do with accomplish goals right but she has really brought out in me this love of just speaking positive truth into each other’s lives. So we don’t tear each other down very often and if so it’s by accident I would say the habit is we use words to speak life into each other.

[05:44] Three is mental: I read for about two hours a day, and usually it’s researching and lot of times it’s current events news story stuff. So I probably read 50 to 75 news articles a day and then I read a little bit of books but again I heard somewhere years ago when I was young I think I was twenty when I heard it that readers are leaders and leaders are readers. If you want to lead, you just got to you’ve got to read and for whatever reason that became a habit of mine and those are stuck with it. So mental I would just say I read and I read a lot.

[06:41] Four is Financial: Well that’s not to run a company and so we’re running a corporate finances or a small company finances as well as our personal finances. We give ourselves about ten percent of what we make and that’s basically what we live off. Now the rest the money goes to investment and you know things like that so we still considered our money but what I mean by that is we only allow ourselves to stand back, it’s down under ten percent now, we live off of a budget that doesn’t let us be you know too crazy and we don’t have any credit card debt, we don’t have really much to speak of and so basically what that means we just have an ether me I can live beneath our means, and I physically get on a computer probably once a week if not more and I try to get money out of our account into a place that I can’t get to it. And so we actually physically, we I don’t have a big believer in that if the money is there you get to spend get away from you.

[08:03] Five is Spiritual: I’m a deeply spiritual person, I’m not a very religious person. SoI’m actually sort of reconstructing some of the religious practices that my face of course a very strong. One thing that I’ve kept all through life and I cherish it, is just long walks and pray and I’ve always loved to pray and for me I made a commitment about ten years ago because there’s a this passage and scripture in the book of James, I believe it’s just as don’t pray in order to be seen by men. And so I just made a commitment a long time ago that I would pray in public very very seldomly, that I would that I just wouldn’t give long speeches and prayers. That sounds like a crazy thing but what it did was it made my my faith more intimate. It made it more personal and less showing because you know there’s that all these studies that have shown that things that we think we believe they are really the things that will get us accepted in a tribe that are motivation is not a search for truth it’s search for acceptance. And so in religious context back in your face it can become anything but genuine, it can be very and authentic because we’re trying to be accepted and associated inside of a tribe which is also survival mechanism. And so for me it’s been a great spiritual practice to focus more on a personal secret private face, the public face that I mean I’m not I don’t publicly talk about God and I’m very public about but to actually, you know privately do that.

[14:56] Next is Career or Business: I have a planner that I fill out every day, I just call it this is called The Story brand productivity schedule but it’s out there online, I don’t know where it is, but if you Google story brand productivity schedule you’ll find this P.D.F. and it’s one page that I designed by my designer actually, late after that I was going on the yellow but one of the things that it does a few things and the effect is it’s free. It actually claimed that I have two different to do list and this is based on Charles Duhigg work with our habit, I make it to do list every day and then I have a second to do list that only is only three things and I give myself, I say this is my To Do list but these three things are actually in a separate category these the most important things. I actually every morning decide these are the three things, I never rarely ever get the third thing. So I separate them out the main tasks of the whirlwind with the priorities of the day. I have been doing that for about five years ever since that book The Power of Habit came out and there’s just there’s no question, it’s been the most productive, I feel like I’ve gotten more done in the last five years than I have in the previous already.

[18:06] The last one is Personal: I actually spent some time of going to Pete Richardson in Colorado and Pete works at the Patterson centre and they create life plans. I got a lot out of that was seven years ago and one of the main things I got out of it is Pete asked when do you find what are you doing. When you find that you recharge, when it’s energy brought back into you and that of course for me is getting a good night’s sleep. It’s when I walk my dog especially by lake or river, when I go to a movie, I’m weird in that I actually recharges doing lawn work, and what he said was I want to start scheduling these into your life. You’re going to schedule rest so that you don’t burn out. I started doing that and it works incredibly well, and so almost like a task on a wanted to do list not every day but I will get those rest and recovery tasks in my to do us and do them to avoid burnout.

[19:50] Hey thank you thanks for sharing thanks for sharing the behind the scenes of of your life.

[20:06] Ok friends, I hope you got value from Don’s sharing, and it’s inspiring you to bolster your daily habits. Again, if you didn’t catch our main interview with Don going through the message of his book, “Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen”, go check it out. Coming up next in show 440 we asked the question on my agentkmiller Facebook page, “What problem do you help solve?” If you have a business, product, service, message…what problem does it solve for an end user or recipient? Incredible responses right off the bat, you’ll find great interest in what people shared…such as, “Do luxury items solve problems?” So you have that show to look forward to. Till then, it’s an honour to walk with you, as we inspire our true performance, together. Thank you.