You have heard about certain colors or designs of clothes cause you to lose and immediate 10 lbs, right? At least by perspective. Well, we don’t believe in “hacks”, but this is as close to a health hack as anything we would ever claim. The simple act of tracking certain aspects of your daily life will literally result in bettering your health and wellness. It’s simple psychology. If you write down or take a picture of everything you eat every day, for a week, you will almost inadvertently make better food choices. If you track your physical activity every day for a week, you will end the week having done more physical activity. Awareness changes our behavior and action. Here in our high mountain town of Colorado the weather can change quickly and harshly. A simple word of “icy roads out there” and boom, everyone slows down. In this episode Dr James and I discuss how the simple act of tracking key areas of our lives like Sleep, Heart Rate, Food, Activity and a few others will by proxy elevate your health and wellness. Of course you can go further than the mere awareness and take solid action to utilize the data you receive and improve it. Tracking is an incredibly powerful tool and as you will hear in this episode, makes it possible to ascertain and improve areas of our lives we would otherwise be ignorant and impotent to address. I can say it is also an absolute propensity of our world’s most successful, influential, and healthy people.