What is a best plan for your life? There is one, but it is personal and it must be comprehensive. Nobody can tell you the exacts and specifics, but we can absolutely help you with the framework. If you were building a car, you can be provided with the necessary ingredients you will need, like a frame, suspension, body, engine, wheels and tires, interior, etc… If you know that, you can choose the specifics that line up with the kind of car you want. For your life success, there is a framework of ingredients you will need. There is no magic bullet and one-size-fits-all solution. In this show we do not provide the framework, that will take more than one show. This is the concept for this show overall! But here I talk with my co-host, Randy James, Medical Doctor and Functional Medicine expert about topics such as the best career to pursue, the best way to manage your time, the best diet, exercise and sleep plan, the best business model and more. What are the best ways in all these areas? In this show we will tell you…what the framework is and isn’t.