Not all of it, but here is the deal, you will actually want to say “Yes!” after hearing this show. Please hear, this is not a blame session, it’s about hope.  In a recent discussion with a renowned neurosurgeon he cited better patient outcomes when there is causality, or blame, to point to, as opposed to random factors outside of our control. In Dr. James medical practice he has experienced the same thing, the patients who take little to no responsibility for their ailments have the hardest time improving when compared with others who have the same issues but believe they can affect positive change. Often the “blame” is just our ignorance, what we don’t know. Which again, is so hopeful! We can gain new knowledge and get better! In our culture that is more and more averse to accepting any culpability, blame, or responsibility for our circumstances in life, we are increasing in sickness, depression and financial debt. Might there be a correlation? Or is there just a grand conspiracy of decline being enforced on us and we are all just victims? Where is the hope in that belief.  I know this is a volatile issue, but if you’ll hear us out, I think you’ll find yourself more eager to accept some causality, than not to. And possibly any lack of acceptance is a primary reason you are not at the level of health, wellness, energy and vitality you really desire. I encourage you to brave up and listen to this episode and you may very well find a new level of hope.