With context, you’ll realize “Feast on fasting” is not a nonsensical title. As I write this description I recently fasted from being a father and husband and went on a solo, four-day getaway. I took the time to do some deep, creative work and the break from some of my daily roles brought me back as a better father and husband, and my family knows it. Not long before this I took a week-long fast from my work and spent it on the beach with my wife. Now aren’t those fasts to feast on?! My friend Shaunti Feldhahn calls us to a 30 Day Kindness Challenge to fast on criticism of a specific person in our lives. But what she teaches us is how life-giving the fast is for the US! We are the major benefactor. Fasting is not merely abstaining from the things we like. Though, there is a merit for that. Let’s take food. Missing a meal, let alone not eating for day is near fightin’ words in the good ole US of A where eating is our primary hobby, if not life vocation. Yet for the greatest span of time, we feasted and fasted. We had a good crop or had a great hunt, and we feasted! Then there were days of travel or harsh weather or scarce food, and we missed a meal, or went a day or even days without eating. Regularly. And you know what, our body is made for that. Much of our dietary problems stem from constantly causing our body stress to be digesting food all the time! Even throughout the night! Almost everybody who merely skips a couple of meals in a day, even more, so an entire day attests to…while their taste buds revolted, their body and mind felt much better. But I encourage you to listen to this show. You’ll find a different paradigm on fasting. I for one, do not enjoy abstaining from my various appetites. So you won’t be hearing any pithy excitement from me at abstaining from my main drugs of food, drink, sex and more. But I like the results. I much more enjoy talking about fasting from some of the tasks and roles of life to feast on fulfilling endeavors. You might even come away excited and eager about…fasting.