The fourth pillar of getting you well is dealing with Relationships, and your foundational relationship is between your body and your mind. We hear plenty about “body and mind” connection but very little that we actually understand how to apply to our everyday lives. We continue to see people pursuing health in their bodies but being derailed by issues of the mind. There is very real truth to the “physical manifestation of emotional pain”. This is a bad response to…stress. Relationships, trauma, financial issues, and even exciting events can build up to ongoing anxiety that will manifest poorly if not managed well. On the other side, we have depression and hopelessness which is almost always treated with a mental focus, while we often find the body in disarray can a primary culprit. Ultimately if our mind is in bad straits it will often play itself out in physical ailments and we can say the same in reverse. When we are properly tending to your mind but your body is in disarray, your mind is compromised. You may have seen much on the gut/brain connection, or come across Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk’s book, The Body Keeps The Score. In this show, we aim to simplify the concepts and give you a viable understanding of the “chicken and egg” of mind and body connection.