716: The all powerful inertia of your daily routine

You have a daily routine. Everyone does. Every day you generally go about the same tasks and functions. Your world will dramatically change for the better from making slight adjustments in your daily routine. Coming off of show 713 where I got to the root of healthy...

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714: The most powerful influence in your life, bar none

I don’t like titles claiming to be the end-all or holy grail for anything. But I believe this claim to be irrefutable. The biggest influence in your life is your inner voice. Your personal thoughts. They were not pre-programmed at birth, you have so far spent a...

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5: How you are programming your brain every day

From the moment you wake in the morning you are choosing how you will wire your brain for success, by choosing what you will listen to. Join me, Kevin Miller and Randy James, MD, as we dig into the massive power of our daily and continual external and internal...

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