786: Where do you have mastery in your life?

Mas·ter·y – comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment. Being a complete master of anything is questionable to proclaim, but everyone listening to this show likely has some areas of life where they can viably claim a level of mastery and...

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27: Parenting wellness

It’s hard enough to motivate and instigate our own good health, much less our kids. Toilet training, room cleaning, doing homework, and more are pain enough. Getting kids to eat and live healthy is another level of effort. But then, what is our goal? What do we want...

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784: Approve of yourself and influence others

We all want to influence others, as, without that ability, we can’t help anyone. We won’t matter. There are a couple of interesting factors in this quest. One, we can’t say what our influence is, only others can. So I asked this question to the Ziglar audience, “If...

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