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734: Be Becoming – the core of your personal achievement [Special Edition]

Your days are not neutral, they are constantly forming you into the person you will be tomorrow and ongoing. As much as I and my peers in personal development would like to offer you the one, true holy grail of what will establish your life for the better, it doesn’t...

728: Victim speak. You are doing it. Stop.

You daily, if not hourly, speak a series of words that take away your personal power. That steal your opportunity for power and control of your life. You may think it’s benign, but it absolutely is not. I brought on a special guest to discuss the issue. In this...

740: Effectively communicating with groups and individuals

How would you rate your communication skills when presenting something to a group of people at the dinner table, a meeting at work or on stage? Do you feel understood and heard? This is the question I posed to the Ziglar audience. Interestingly, many people cited they felt more adept at communicating to groups, whether personally or professionally, than to individuals. Like their family members. I asked my guest from episode 731 and 733 to join me, cognitive neuroscientist and communication expert, Jared Cooney Horvath. Jared got his doctorate from the University of Melbourne and you can get a veritable doctorate in communicating…from this show.