686: Q&A | Overcoming what seeks to bring you down

Every day we face concerns and trials in our lives. Real issues that truly impact us. The answer is not merely “be positive!” and paint on a happy face. It is far deeper. In this show, we hear a message from Zig Ziglar about these very real challenges in our lives. He...

697: Anchor yourself with core, daily rituals - Habits with Randy James

We continue to hear it and we can’t hear it enough – we are the sum of our daily habits and rituals. In this episode, we talk with Dr. Randy James whose main interview with us was show #695 titled, “Do you want to be well(er)? Here is how”, where we discussed how to get optimal performance out of ourselves so our bodies and minds are fully functioning. This is our habits show and you’ll hear how some core routines for Randy and with his family are as he says, “the anchors for his life.” Much of his family time is centered around meals and sports, good sleep is his primary focal point for his personal health and his personal time is often made up of sports,  reading (often on a treadmill), and a good meal, movie, and wine. Connect with him here: Clinic – TrueLifeMedicine.com, new podcast – truelifeshow.com and the alternative health insurance – TrueLifeProtect.com.