358: Be the CEO of your home!

Today we bring you a show on home life, and a special guest. Parenting and family are the primary topics, but while we want to be altruistic and love others well, we’re also all very selfish. Or at least I am. I want my home life to be peaceful, harmonious, joyful and...

809: Wired to function off of joy

This is what Sam Collier believes, that we are literally wired to function off of joy. This is a significant statement from anyone but to me is more intriguing coming from a pastor. I didn’t grow up hearing this message or witnessing such a spirit in the multitude of churches I frequented. Hearing the way Sam puts it is infectious, however. This is my Habit’s episode and Sam shares from the profound, to the interesting, as we get into his love of movies and music which I share and asked him to give us some specifics. But my focus was his focus on the importance of recreation, fun, and laughter and his own medicine of laughing his way out of pain. He says, “The best leaders have fun and enjoy themselves. When they don’t have fun they get stuck in a serious world. People who don’t have fun have a hard time having hope when things get rough.” This struck a chord in me as you’ll hear because it’s a tendency of mine to be serious and production-oriented and not giving any attention to fun and play and joy. “Every decision you make every day determines your destiny. Choose wisely. Don’t underestimate the power of having a good time.” You can connect with Sam and all he has to offer you at agreaterstory.org and find his podcast by the same name wherever you get your podcasts!