370: Find Your Authentic Way

Jason Frenn finds your authentic voice Today we bring you another Ziglar interview with another guy Tom Ziglar said “we have to have on the show.” So you know how Zig says everyone is a salesperson? Because sales is influence and everyone needs to know how to...

732: The very real Pride & Shame of our character

Well, this is interesting. In the episode, I play a clip from Zig Ziglar on the power of words we speak with and about other people. Then I posted a question on Facebook that went a different direction. I asked, “If you were daily being recorded in secret, what would you be proud of, and what would you be embarrassed by?” I was literally thinking about our spoken words, what we say out loud, to others or in private. Many of the replies addressed this, but the common thread also included thoughts and behaviors and unfolded into what people are proud and ashamed of regarding their personal character. Another testimony to the richness of these Q&A episodes being due to audience testimonies than my leading. I had Tom Ziglar co-host with me as we talked through the very candid and vulnerable testimonies that I know you will relate to. I think this show will give you both grace for your shame while increasing your conviction to pursue what you are proud of in your personal character.