338: Business IS Personal

Today we’re going to talk to business owners and those who aspire to be…business owners. Much like Zig’s story, we’ve got a man who came from poverty to great success on many levels. You may have read his books on business and personal success. You may have attended...

788: Good sales come from good questions

The sales class is here. I’ve got five minutes of sales expertise from Zig Ziglar where he simply states, “Questions are the answer!” He digs into the three types of questions in his “need analysis” with the goal to establish trust. He also covers the difference between motivating and manipulating your prospect. This is Ziglar Sales 101 and what amazes me is how in today’s world, so few people and companies know and follow successful sales structures. From Zig’s message I asked this question to the Ziglar Show audience, “What question(s) reveal whether someone is a good prospect for your product or service?” Many replies and I did a lot of questioning back to clarify people’s products and services amongst different industries and how they are literally using questions in their businesses. And some of course who are not doing it well. For all the business owners and salespeople in the Ziglar audience, this is a show for you! And if you know Ziglar and our belief that everyone is in sales, as sales are influence…then you know the show is for everyone listening.