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Questions we discussed in previous episodes:

588: Zig on Focus, Planning & Prep

Zig Ziglar on the power of focus, planning, and preparation. I’ll tell you, I’m admittedly NOT a great planner and preparer, I just want to go from idea to selling it. And for focus, my wife, the brain researcher, says I’m classic ADHD, though I won’t let them test...

566: Do you go above and beyond?

We hear a classic message from Zig Ziglar on Priming the Pump. This message was foundational for Zig’s entire mission. If you’ve heard it once or ten times, you need to hear it again, and then step back and audit yourself to gauge how well you are adhering to the...

Recognizing who has helped you is vitally important, as it fosters the reality of how valuable help is. How much you need it and benefit from it. Or what if you haven’t received much positive help from others? How do you get it? In this episode we listen to a clip from Zig Ziglar on the dramatic influence of others investing in you, and you in them. Then I posted this question to the Ziglar audience, “: Name or tag someone who truly made a positive difference in your life, and please explain how they specifically helped you.” Many, many responses and Tom Ziglar and I talked through as many as we could, and really expanded on the value and need in our lives.